10 Tips to get more Twitter Followers

Now that everyone is getting on Twitter you must have realized how important it is to have a bunch of active Twitter followers. So, if you want to have enough followers on Twitter, just follow the simple steps mentioned below and you will find an increase in your Twitter followers.

10 Tips to get more Twitter Followers

1. Tweet interesting things

when you find a good post, just tweet it or retweet it. Think of Twitter as your audience, you must broadcast good things if you want to keep your existing followers and build many more new followers.

2. Put up a Twitter remote 

twitter counter, tweetmeme, and add a link to your Twitter profile on your blogs and websites or places on the internet where you are active, like Facebook, Digg etc. Yes, all these are very important things to do, however, you can ignore the Twitter remote if you don’t like it, takes too much space on the sidebar.

3. Give a “follow me on Twitter” 

link at the end of your article; if possible, put up a Twitter bird picture and hyperlink it, that way it will get more attention. Usually, those visitors that like your article dose what you tell them to do. So, if you tell them to subscribe, they will, if you tell them to re-tweet, they will, and in the same way, they will follow you on Twitter too.

4. Write more articles about Twitter

Articles like this, or simply write about the progress of your Twitter followers count and how you are getting a lot of visitors from Twitter. Actually am getting a lot of visitors to those articles that get lots of re-tweets, so I might write another article on it. Don’t forget to subscribe to my feeds to get updates.

5. Some sites have Twitter remote on the sidebars

make sure to visit those from time to time, that helps to increase your Twitter count a lot.

6. Follow Friday

I personally have not used it, but it can be a very good way to get more followers. Refer interesting people to be followed and if you are lucky, get some followers in return.

7. Use hashtags

don’t overdo it, just use them wisely. Find out what your interests are and hash them when you tweet about them and make sure your content is good when you do it.

8. Follow those that follow you

unless you hate their tweets. But be sure to give it a try, if it is not two-way tweeting it will never be social enough.

9. Start a Twitter follower contest

like the feeds and top commentator contest, try out the Twitter followers contest. You can give away stuff to any of those random followers.

10. Start a Twitter fight

remember those blog fights, I used to love those. Don’t know how a Twitter fight might turn out, but it surely can bring more attention to you and increase followers.

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