30 “Proven” Ways to Make Money Online


I started making money online in 2005, those were the initial days, everything on the internet looked like money trees, but very soon I found out that it was not that easy, most of them were scams and useless hypes. 

Later with time slowly I found out the real ways, of making money online. Still many people think earning money online is hard and they would argue about getting a real job offline is better, so here are – 30 reasons why making money online rocks :

30 “Proven” Ways to Make Money Online

1) Make money when you sleep 

I still remember a few years back I went to my uncle’s house. I was out of the station for about a week. When I returned I had a few hundred dollars in my account. No work, but full payment.

2) Works on autopilot 

no need to check progress or do any work. Sit back and relax while the CMS that you have does all the work, the ads company manages everything and you get paid. Cool!

3) Affiliate marketing rocks

You got nothing to make, you got nothing to ship after successful sales. You will simply be paid for sending visitors to buy other people’s stuff that your website will look after. Easy!

4) Sell ebooks

Seriously I love it. Am not a writer, I pay others to write the ebook. I even don’t write promotional copies, everything other people do. I just sell it and earn from it and that day in and day out, as I just sell single license copies of the ebook, so I can keep selling it for the years to come.

5)  SEO 

basic search engine optimization can work wonders for you. You don’t have to be an expert, just know the basics and enjoy the quality traffic.

6) Cheap and free services 

the Internet world has lots of cheap and free services available, use them to your full advantage.

7) Technology

since you have everything on your hands, you can sit back and work from the luxury of your home.

8) Work from anywhere

 as access to the Internet is not an issue anymore, so you can work from where ever you are.

9) Leave your day job

decide for yourself, you get paid online thrice as much as your day job, by working half the time! Do you still want to continue your day job? As for me, I would not even complete my college, but I don’t want to suggest this to others.

10) Make your hobby your work

someone told me some time back, that if you make your hobby your job then you will have a lifetime of holiday. 

Think about it, as Internet surfing and doing other work online can be a great hobby, as for me, it’s my hobby for sure.

11) Opportunity too big

on the Internet, you get the entire world at your fingertip. There is a whole world out there to buy what you are planning to sell; simple research can bring home huge amounts of profits for ages to come.

12) Make deals without actually seeing anyone

Make deals via email, send products by email, and get money by email! No need to meet anyone face to face. The easiest way to fix small or big deals and make money sitting on your computer chair.

13) Outsource

outsource any work, no need to work at all, just count your money as it grows.

14) Build trust

Just keep doing what you are good at, and in the coming days, you will have a huge client base and a great reputation.

15) Write and earn

earn money writing. When I see my writings on websites and popular blogs or article directories I just feel so happy. It’s a great feeling to have people read your articles, and it gets better when you are actually paid for this.

16) Make money blogging

have your own readers. Isn’t it great to have a subscriber base, people who wait days to see more posts from you? Blogging is a habit and so is reading blogs. 

Keep writing blog posts and keep increasing the number of people who read your blog. 

Advertisers will advertise on your blog and you will make money. Paid posting is a great way to make money from blogging. Search Google to find out some of the great paid blogging websites on the net.

17) Sell links

when nothing works out, then sell links to make money. I don’t suggest this as it manipulates search engine rankings.

18) Make money from surveys

giving your opinion is a good thing, and it gets better when you are paid for that. There are many paid survey websites that pay you for small surveys that hardly take minutes. 

Though there are some fraud sites, which don’t pay, so make sure that you join a legit paid survey site and not a scam site.

19) Paid to surf 

Surfing the Internet is fun, it is a great pastime. Some sites pay you for surfing other sites. Since some of these sites that you surf are not moderated, so I suggest you have good antivirus or spyware software running on your computer while you surf the sites and make money.

20) Paid to post on forums

there are quite a lot of forums and online communities that pay you for being active with them. 

Making money by posting on forums is a great way to share your opinion and make money at the same time.

21) Sell sig links

if you are active on forums, which allow signature links then you, can even sell your sign link and make money from it. So there is more than one way to make money from forums.

22) Provide services

Some people like to get their work outsourced, so you can give them services like link building etc and make money from it.

23) Participate in contests

Participate in contests and win your prize. Sometimes you get paid money when you win too. If you are good at any contest, then you might make some easy cash!

24) Forex

foreign exchange is a good way to make money. Convert currency from one form to another, like a dollar to a pound etc. and make money if the exchange rate is good. Do some research on it and in the future, you might become a pro at it.

25) Make money designing

Are you good at designing, it is a great skill to have if you are working online? 

Try a freelancer website, search Google to find out a few good freelance websites where you can post a job requirement.

26) Data entry

Online data entry works are gaining popularity. If you are good at typing, then you can sure make a lot of cash typing on your keyboard.

27) Code your way to success

Do you have coding skills? If you know PHP and CSS then you can do a lot of web coding and make a lot of money online.

28) Sell your ideas

Once I found out a topic that could make a lot of money if worked on. But lack of time was a reason that I could not start that project. So I sold that project idea to someone and made money from it.

29) Get paid to search

Search and get paid. Why the hell anyone will pay you to search? The reason behind this is, that every marketer wants to know what keywords are more searched.

30) Do Bum marketing

Just post articles on various article sites on the internet, put a link to your affiliate product and make money when someone reads the article and follows your referral link and makes a purchase. Kind of auto-pilot money as the article stays forever and gives you residual money years after years.

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