Benefits and harms of technology


Technology is a word that means the science of performance or the science of application, and its origin goes back to the Greeks, it is made up of two strands (TECHNO) means skill or the art of obtaining the thing, and(LOGIA) means the way of expressing the thing, that is, technology also means the way of expressing the gain of things or a way to employ resources and information to obtain a certain value, and at present, progress has become linked to the concept of technology, and the latter has become the basis for many arts, skills and industries, and therefore it has become required to provide more tools and modern electronic devices to develop those areas for the better.

Benefits and harms of technology

The benefits of technology

 for technology's many benefits, we mention: 

the promotion of teaching and learning technology

the promotion of teaching and learning technology has resulted in a remarkable development in the field of teaching and learning, starting from the invention of paper and pens, up to the stage of printing, recording and photography, in addition to the computer, which has become the most powerful media used in this: 

Natural phenomena such as earthquakes, space flights and the growth of plants and living organisms.

 laboratory programs were also used to conduct the various interactions between atoms and molecules.

 they worked to zoom the distance, zoom the small, zoom the large and show the fine details without causing any harm. finally, technology contributed to the promotion of distance learning, as the learner in one country can listen to and discuss with a lecturer in another country, and the internet has become one of the basic sources of education and a source of information. 

Strengthening means of communication

In the age of technology, communication is no longer limited to phone calls or mail messages, as there has become e-mail, electronic chat and other means that enable a person to conduct real-time conversations and visual meetings, and it has become possible to use the internet to conduct telephone communication at low cost through (voice over the Internet Protocol) or what is known as VOIP. 

The emergence of e-commerce 

e-commerce is defined as the conduct of the display, sale and purchase of goods, services and information through an electronic system that includes the producer, supplier and consumer, and this system achieves many benefits, including getting more effective and easy shopping, and effective communication with other companies and customers regardless of where they are. 

Management of administrative work 

most institutions rely on computers and internal and external networks to conduct their administrative work, and communication between the branches of the institution, which can be far apart. countries have recently adopted the electronic management system to manage their various activities, which-that is, the system - was based on information and communications technology, and computerized information systems, whether in the media or interactive field, in order to communicate with individuals in a way that ensures the protection of information security, and facilitates the completion of correspondence and services between official bodies, institutions and citizens at the same time. 

Improving the level of Health and Medicine 

information and communication technology has been used in the field of Health and medicine in order to enhance the level of health, especially for the population of remote areas and rural areas, in order to reduce the expenses of treatment and travel and provide comfort to the patient instead of charging him the trouble to travel to remote treatment centres in major cities. 


many computer games based on three-dimensional graphics and sound are available, and the technology is also used in the production, recording and presentation of music, movies, and associated special effects.

Technology harms 

technology harms are what comes next: 

addiction: excessive use of technology, especially social media and the internet, can cause addiction and waste of time. 

Unreliable news: although the news is easy to get due to technology, it is not always possible to get reliable news; due to the abundance of sources and the lack of restrictions on publication, and the written press is gradually declining as a result of the use of electronic journalism. 

Violation of privacy: one of the disadvantages of technology is exposure to the privacy of individuals and celebrities, through the publication of photos and news without censorship, in addition to the ability of some to hack accounts, to become secrets, photos and information vulnerable, and can reach to steal money. 

Weak social relations: social communication via the internet replaced the actual communication between family, relatives and friends, which weakened social relations, and led to parents moving away from their children, and leaving them for long periods on modern devices. 

Modern diseases: the means of communication affect the nervous system, especially in children; the environment has become very charged with electrical circuits and radio waves causing insomnia and others. 

The proliferation of wars: the development of weapons, including chemical and atomic weapons, and uranium radiation, on the other hand, has led to the spread of wars and threats to the security of the world. 

Scarcity of handicrafts: technology has led to the decline of handicrafts and ceramics; due to the use of drawings about ready-made machines. 

Reduce jobs: many factories rely mainly on machinery, so they no longer need more labour, which reduces jobs.

Characteristics of modern technology

The simplicity of the system: technology simplifies a lot of complex processes, makes them smoother, and facilitates the completion of tasks. 

Homogeneity and universality: technology encompasses both private and public life as well as the individual and the community. 

Duplication: technology is a double-edged sword; despite its advantages, it causes harm to the individual as well as the social entity.

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