Create an AdSense account and earn from Google AdSense for beginners in 2022

 Many want to learn how to create an AdSense account and how to earn from Google AdSense for beginners in 2022.

This is in order to make a material profit from the content they want to provide, whether YouTube channel, blog or forum.

They also want to know the terms and conditions of the Google AdSense program, also known as the YouTube Partner Program.

You can learn about them through the links above and they differ from the conditions for creating an AdSense account, which we will learn about together in the fourth section of this article.

Because of its importance of it and its kind of ambiguity for beginners, we will explain how to create an account AdSense for beginners in steps.

Start from the AdSense account registration link; and then move on to explain how to profit from Google AdSense with illustrative images.

It will be a step-by-step explanation of all of the above as well as the links you may need.

Create an AdSense account and earn from Google AdSense for beginners in 2022

In order for the picture to be clearer beginners must answer the following questions for a smooth transition between ideas:

AdSense features and profit from Google AdSense for beginners

  • What is a Google AdSense account?
  • Do you need an AdSense account first?
  • Who is entitled to create an AdSense account?
  • What does it take to create an AdSense account and what terms of profit from Google AdSense for beginners in 2022?

Steps to create an AdSense account and explain how to submit the blog step by step and pictures for beginners

In short, it can be said that all the axes of profit from Google AdSense have been covered.

So you can say that you have a [comprehensive guide] on calculating AdSense and earning from Google AdSense for beginners.

You can refer to this guide to find out the conditions for subscribing to AdSense.

Any new terms are added and any terms that Google no longer requires from bloggers are removed. In order for the information to be continuously updated, rich and useful for everyone who wants to profit from blogging.

Features of creating an AdSense account and profit from Google AdSense for beginners 2022

Despite all the conditions set by the Google AdSense program, or what is known in the middle of YouTube as the program of YouTube partners, admission to AdSense is the first goal for most of those who want to profit from the internet.

This is because the profit from it is the best in terms of material and because of the features and options, it offers for content creators in general.

This distinguishes AdSense from other advertising companies in addition to the power of targeting because of the data that Google has about users.

One of the options that subscribers like Adsense options are the ability to carry out all the ads that are displayed on the blog or YouTube channel. As well as the possibility of blocking any ad that you do not want to appear on your blog.

In addition to the options to cancel the display of ads in general by blocking the ads of sensitive categories such as religions and political trends.

Not long ago, Google removed all ads that contained images that were not suitable for people under 18.

We have mentioned some examples that will help you understand these features in the paragraph What is Google AdSense

In this article, we will learn a lot of basic information and must know before creating an AdSense account and submitting your blog or YouTube channel.

As well as some information that will help you in accepting your blog in AdSense and understand how to profit from Google AdSense for beginners.

If you already have an AdSense account

1. The problem of accepting a blog in AdSense

2. Problem restricting ads

3. Problem activating AdSense account

Welcome to our Contact page or through social media accounts of the blog for

Free Consultation

You will be answered during

Only 48 hours.

Where the team of experts on Google products and programs in the new blog support you and even communicate with Google if necessary.

What is a Google AdSense account?

Adsense account is a program to display ads on blogs, YouTube videos and forums and is a program affiliated with Google.

Where Google works as an intermediary between the blogger and advertisers in exchange for getting part of the profits and providing the other part to the blogger or YouTuber. This is the principle that must be explained to everyone who wants to create an AdSense account and profit from Google AdSense for beginners.

Now we'll take a look at some of the basic information about ads in the AdSense account.

Type of Google AdSense

The profit from AdSense depends mainly on the number of clicks on the ads in your blog and then on the number of ad views on the blog.

The type of advertising displayed on the blog varies on a lot of factors can be said that the most important is:

  • Type of content you provide
  • Content Language
  • Visitor's interests, age and country of residence

It is not possible to predict the exact type of advertising, but you can expect to show ads for sports such as sports tools and training tools if your blog offers content about football, for example.

In addition to advertisements for some products of interest to the youth, such as mobile phones, applications, job opportunities, etc., which the visitor may be interested in, according to Google data about the visitors of the blog.

Google AdSense offers you a control panel with a lot of options through which you can select the categories of ads that will be displayed on your blog.

For example, with your AdSense account, you can block ads that promote alcoholic beverages or those that contain images that may disturb visitors to your blog.

You can also block any site that offers ads on your blog, and it is worth mentioning that Google AdSense strictly prohibits the display of ads for pornographic or sexual sites.

Google AdSense ads format

The wording of the ads also varies, but here the decisive factor is the desire of the advertiser and has nothing to do with the above factors.

The most important formats of Google AdSense ads are: display ads and text ads have recently launched automatic ads feature that has made it easier for bloggers.

It is preferable to use automatic ads for beginners, even if we take into account the experiences of bloggers and YouTubers, who say that their profits fell when using automatic ads.

One of the most important benefits of automatic advertising in the field of profit from Google AdSense for beginners is that it reduces the possibility of your blog restricting or stopping an account AdSense significantly unless your blog contains irregularities or errors in the programming of the template.

As mentioned earlier, if you have a site for sports and sports tools.

Here Google AdSense selects ads that are compatible with your site so that the advertiser can benefit from the ad by attracting customers interested in their products and offers.

The advertiser will not benefit if he advertises sports equipment and his ad appears on a real estate site.

At the same time, no one will press on his ad because visitors to this blog are interested in trade and speculation.

Thus, a blogger will also not benefit from displaying such an advertisement on his blog.

Even if a blog visitor clicks on an ad, the profit is often very small when compared to the profit from an ad on a sports blog.

Because a visitor is coming through a keyword search that is not targeted by the advertiser.

In addition, the interaction of visitors with the ad will be greater, where they can buy the product or, for example, enrol in a particular sports course.

Hence, the advertiser benefits from getting visits to his site or visits to the product marketed to him, as well as the blogger, getting a greater financial return.

Reasons to create an AdSense account for beginners

Signing up for Google AdSense is very important for websites and blogs. Because the display of ads is the main source for many bloggers in order to be able to continue and provide more content professionally and fun.

Who doesn't want to profit Especially if you offer exclusive and quality content! This money that comes to you is for work

Even if you don't want this money, you can invest this profit in your site or blog by updating it and working on it to become more popular.

Or you can make ads with it on Google Ads (a program for advertisers ) to expand the reach of your site and get more traffic.

Or even donate it to charity and help people in need.

It can be said for each person has a reason and purpose different from the others who invited him to participate in the program Google AdSense to profit from blogging by displaying ads on the blog.

What does it take to create an AdSense account and terms of profit from Google AdSense for beginners in 2022

Making a profit from Google AdSense for beginners requires some things that should also be explained here.

These are very simple things that anyone can get and if you really love this area and can not start, do not hesitate to contact us.

1 - website or blog

You must have a website on the internet to be able to profit from Google AdSense, whether it is a company site or a public site like mine through which you can profit from an Adsense account.

But Google Adsense has some conditions that must be available on your site before you start earning from AdSense and you can find out through the links in the first paragraph of this article.

But do not worry about these conditions, achieving them is not difficult, which are simple conditions imposed by AdSense on bloggers and YouTubers.

Such as that the content is not copied and that the design of the blog is attractive and so on.

2-buy a domain or use a free domain

Buy domains or use the blog domain name in order to add them to an AdSense account and create an Adsense account.

And free domain is a domain provided by the blogger platform for free and accepted in Google AdSense.

You can ignore this step and use the free domain without any problems.

3-the idea of a successful website

Choosing a successful website idea depends primarily on your personal interests if you are going to blog on your own.

So you should ask yourself, What do you care about Or what experience do you have

Hereafter you have asked yourself these questions sure there is an answer, yes this answer is the idea of your successful site that you have to start in.

4-exclusive and professional content

This step is considered a step to creating a successful website and you can profit from it as I mentioned in the previous lesson.

Because the content is considered the backbone of the site so you must have

Exclusive non-copied content

Useful content for your site Idea.

Explain how to apply on Google AdSense step by step and with pictures for beginners

Now that you have provided the requirements from which you can start earning from Google AdSense for beginners in 2022, I will explain the steps of creating an AdSense account and applying to Google AdSense.

They are easy and simple steps that you can not worry about, I hear a lot of people who are new to profiting from the internet are horrified when they hear about the application in Google AdSense.

And they search for people on the sites of services such as Fiverr and other people on social networking sites who provide the service of submission in AdSense and say to you we will provide you in AdSense and we will bring you the terms of Google AdSense in 4 days and other myths.

Steps to register and create an AdSense account

From Google AdSense login until profit from Google AdSense for beginners

1-Login to your Gmail account 

Google Gmail account is the logo of all services provided by Google and this account is used in these services so you must log in to your Gmail account before you start applying in AdSense.

2-go to the Google AdSense registration page

After you've logged in to your Gmail account, head to the Google AdSense login page to start subscribing.

3-go to the Google AdSense account creation page

4 - Enter the site link and Gmail account

1-Enter the link of the site you want to subscribe to your account in Google AdSense

2-Enter your Gmail account 

3-Select (Yes, I want to receive custom help and suggestions on performance) until you receive help and suggestions

4 - Click on the button (save and continue)

5. identify the country and agree to the terms

Now that you have pressed the start button, it will direct you to the page to fill in your data and addresses.

Select account type ( individual or commercial )

Enter your Name (Your Name )

First Address

Second Address City address 

Province or governorate and its postal code

Enter your phone number (optional )

Push-button ( send )

If you need help in any of the previous steps or any stage of the creation of an AdSense account, you can contact us through the methods that we have mentioned in the previous as you can communicate on your Instagram account also all you need is to search for Tech in Facebook or Instagram to reach our support team.

6-put a code or Google AdSense code within the blog in order to check it before Google AdSense

Copy the verification code inside the box

Put the code inside your blog template HTML under the tag  < head>

Check the box ( I pasted the code on my website )

Press the (Done) button.

After clicking on the Done button, you will see a message of your site is currently under review (the company checks your site if it complies with the conditions mentioned above or not )

You just have to wait until Google AdSense replies to you and you will find a reply message on the Gmail account you registered

Now I have finished today's lesson and I think that now you have the full idea of how to earn from Google AdSense for beginners and how to create an AdSense account.

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