How can I market my business?

Traditional marketing methods

Before talking about the best methods of successful marketing, it is necessary to get acquainted at first with the ancient and modern traditional marketing methods, which include many forms of advertising and marketing, and the most recognizable types of marketing, which are seen and heard every day, and most traditional marketing strategies fall into these categories:- To ordinary mail at home, which is one of the few ways, or by landline or mobile phone, and finally marketing through representatives of the company or institution, which is one of the currently known methods, but what are the best ways of marketing...

Best successful marketing methods

Marketing can be the most common problem, especially for those who run a small business or have created it, because their marketing strategies do not provide them with the results they want, in other words, their efforts do not bring them the customers and sales they want, this does not mean that marketing should be a difficult process.

Marketing through personal advertising

Yes, personal advertising, despite its simplicity, is one of the best successful marketing methods that have been used in the past and is also used at the present time, which is the marketing of the product by talking about it to acquaintances and relatives, it is the transfer of personal experience to use the product through public relations.

Marketing by referring the product to customers

It is also one of the most successful marketing methods at the moment, which is simply to get new customers and new sales through existing customers or other people, they identify the company, where the customer gets a discount or a promotional gift by recommending a product or service to his friends or subscribers, this makes him participate in the marketing campaign, these marketing campaigns Paid to advertise, it also generates sales more than five times higher than paid advertising.

Marketing through commercial partnerships

To strengthen a small business, especially at the beginning of a project or business, sometimes it may be better to look for other small businesses and connect them with each other, start promoting common products, such as organizing a specific event for customers and target customers by looking for companies or institutions that are looking to market and support products, reserving a specific place in one of the trade bazaars to start marketing and advertising products, if the business owner wants to learn more about successful marketing methods, you can use this wonderful method.

Internet marketing

It is one of the most important modern methods of product marketing and the fastest spread and is also one of the best successful marketing methods today, it is the method used for the majority of companies and institutions currently, and is one of the best marketing strategies of the modern era, especially for small businesses and startups.

Email marketing

Email marketing boils down to collecting the email addresses of potential customers and sending them messages regularly, and getting them to open these emails or click on the links in them, this strategy is suitable for small businesses because of the minimum cost, and usually, you only have to pay for the email marketing program, such as Get Response, etc., and sometimes some companies offer it for free, and the returns from this marketing are high even more than social media sometimes, it is very profitable for small businesses to put email in their marketing plans.

Social media marketing

Instagram Facebook, Twitter and YouTube mean an increase in the amount of double fold, the study shows that up to 60% of marketers see social media in the first place as a motivation to look at the brand, due to the possibility of including images, graphics, videos, photos, emoji in posts, this is what makes them channels, excellent for brand value in various ways, and all those who are looking for ways of successful marketing.

Marketing through Google ads

Despite the initial and simple knowledge of most companies and startups for this type of marketing, it is ideal for those who are looking for successful marketing methods, in 2016, almost $ 80 billion was spent on Google ads to market products, which makes it a suitable opportunity to master this basic skill, and there are many ways to learn it, and a deeper understanding of all aspects of advertising that are based on the basis of running real advertising campaigns, and start profitable marketing.

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