How hard is it to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube?

How hard is it to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube?

In this article, you will learn about the latest conditions for profiting from YouTube for video creators in 2022, as well as the history of the development of these conditions.

YouTube is the world's leading video-sharing site, and it holds this title with pride. 

But with great power comes a crazy amount of terms, restrictions and problems, what are the conditions for profiting from YouTube for this year, Why the conditions for profiting from YouTube are difficult for beginners.

After Google bought YouTube in 2006, it started working on a way for video creators to make money from their videos. In 2007, he launched a YouTube partnership program where video owners can activate ads on their videos and earn money from advertising revenue.

It's been a revolutionary time in the digital video streaming industry since the birth of vlogs. People will create videos that count their daily activities in a fun and visually appealing way.

Over time, he launched YouTube and many other services such as YouTube Red (Now YouTube Premium), YouTube TV and YouTube Music and Vevo services, TVoD and solutions for live streaming of your own.

Follow me to find out what are the conditions for earning from YouTube. But before that, let's talk about how to enjoy YouTube.

How YouTube monetization software works

Once you have a plurality of videos in your channel, it's time to make some decent money from them! Earn money with your YouTube videos through one of the following methods.

YouTube Partner Program

Once you are one of the YouTube partners, you will be paid through an AdSense account. However, it should be noted that only some countries support this program, and each content owner must meet certain conditions to be part of the YouTube partner program.

Advertising revenue

There are many types of ads that can be placed at the beginning of the video, in the centre or at the bottom of it, etc.

Video Surface Ads-these semi-transparent desktop ads appear at the bottom of the video and cover about 20% of the area.

Skip and non-skip ads-as the name suggests, the first type allows the ad to be skipped after 5 seconds of execution while the second type makes the viewing of viewers mandatory until the end of the 15-20 seconds.

Display Ads-this type of ad for desktop computers can be placed on the right side or on top of the video.

Conditions for profiting from YouTube that you must fulfil

Here are the minimum standards and conditions for enjoying YouTube that is still in force.

Watch hours must not be less than 4000 hours in the last 12 months

Have an AdSense account

You must reside in a country or region that supports the YouTube Partner program

You have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers to access the channel membership feature

You have to constantly maintain subscribers and watchful hours with high rates

YouTube is making it harder to monetize videos: here's why

Like any other progressive technology, YouTube has also begun to upgrade its algorithms and the terms of the YouTube partnership program to earn money from advertising.

To provide better and more relevant content to viewers and encourage creators to create better videos, YouTube has added a clause to its monetization function.

In order for content creators to monetize their videos, their channel must have more than 10,000 lifetime views for their videos. This prompted the creators to create better content on the platform and improve their performance.

There were a lot of users on the platform who uploaded copyrighted content and content belonging to other people in order to make money from the videos. To rid the platform of these bad actors, YouTube has developed this rule.

It was enough to assess the credibility of the content and the user, and the limit was not too high to discourage new content creators from joining the YouTube forum.

New rules for monetizing YouTube videos 2021

By the end of 2017, YouTube was plagued by controversy and criticism from all angles due to its inability to filter out revenue-generating content creators and quickly solve monetization problems. The platform has been heavily criticized by creators and advertisers.

In order to avoid a 6-year setback, YouTube announced changes in monetization policies and rules. The new policies/rules stated that in order for a channel to monetize its videos, it must have at least 4,000 hours of total viewing over a 12-month period and at least 1,000 subscribers.

This approach stems entirely from self-preservation: protecting the company and the platform. The somewhat updated set of rules was a compromise between advertisers and the platform, and the platform needs to retain the best YouTube users. 

But it has been the subject of a lot of criticism from small to medium-level YouTube users who have not been able to meet the new requirements.

Factors affecting monetization rates

Of the revenue generated by advertising, creators keep 55%, while 45% comes from YouTube.

Therefore, there is a lot of pressure on creators to create advertising-worthy content on their channels.

But what makes a worthy video advertisement on YouTube

This question has long puzzled many people. Since top-tier YouTube users collect the majority of their income from sources outside the platform, variable monetization rates only affect mid-to-intermediate-level YouTube users.

Additional changes affecting the number of profits from YouTube

The prevalence of predatory behaviour makes the platform “dangerous for children” with inappropriate content that affects the reputation of YouTube channels.

As a result, in 2015, YouTube launched a youtube application but failed to block illicit content, such as triggering suicidal thoughts between animated clips, resulting in the loss of subscribers.

More and more bad actors have entered the platform, such as spammers and copycats who exploit the original creators. 

This led YouTube to create a new base in 2018, with 10,000-lifetime views with 1,000 subscribers, only then will they be eligible to participate in the YouTube partnership program.

These rules already concerned 99% of them and generated less than.100 a year. This has essentially done a very disservice to aspiring content creators and small-scale video channels.

The flip side could have been something like this:

Advertisers will not trust the platform to provide a decent return on investment and therefore ended their compatibility with YouTube.

This could have led to all the heavy YouTube users leaving the platform due to a lack of financial incentives.

Without available funds, YouTube would have become a video archive where people could download and store videos but could not start a video career.

Why 4,000 hours of YouTube viewing is a key goal for a content creator

That said, let's move on to the way of thinking. This is something I talk about a lot with content creators who have these types of goals in mind. If you start a YouTube channel for the sole purpose of having 4,000 hours of viewing, and 1,000 subscribers, and then monetize your content, I'm afraid to say that most of you will never achieve this.

First of all, you think too much about yourself, rather than about your audience. Secondly, this is too important a goal to achieve when you start on YouTube.

4000 hours of viewing is a lot. That's 240,000 minutes or in other words, that's one person watching your content continuously for 166.6 days.

If you post your first video on YouTube and you only get one hour of viewing, during the first week I will be very satisfied with it. You won't lie – 4000 hours of viewing is difficult for some reason.

YouTube wants as much data as possible from your content so that it can trust you with its advertising partners. Remember, it's not YouTube that pays you directly, it's these advertisers. 

YouTube is essentially a broker in this case, and it needs to make sure that the content it broadcasts on its platform does not cause controversy. There have been a lot of them over the past decade.

_ And that's where we're done, 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of viewing. _

Now, some people may disagree with this, but I think YouTube doesn't owe you anything. They allow you to broadcast your content to a global audience for free.

When you are able, over time, to prove yourself to your audience and YouTube, then, yes, let's start making money together. But don't think of monetization as an advantage, just think of it as a privilege. Work for her, earn her, respect her.

How to get 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of viewing to achieve YouTube profit conditions

There are several ways to increase the number of subscribers and viewing time:

1. Constantly posting videos

You need to build a long-term relationship with viewers. Whether you are just starting a video channel or have been active for a while on YouTube, to get in touch with viewers, you need to constantly create a good video and post videos frequently.
The more content you create, the more likely viewers are to find your video. In addition, constant posting makes your channel look as active as your audience expects when the next video is uploaded to YouTube.

2. Creating a channel trailer

Have you ever seen people upload a trailer to their channel What do you think About it For me, I kind of like it because I watch a trailer and I can figure out what kind of channel it is? That is, what kind of content I expected to get in this channel. 

A channel trailer can be an effective way to convert channel page visitors into subscribers. Once someone has seen your channel image and icon, your channel trailer is the next thing that catches their attention. If they are executed correctly, viewers of the trailer will learn more about your channel and subscribe to it. 

Won't this increase your subscribers Yes! Other tips to follow don't be afraid to change the trailer when it comes to fewer viewers or subscribers.

3. Make it easy for people to sign up

If you want to increase the number of subscribers as easily as possible, you should include annotations that allow people to click on a button to subscribe throughout the video. In addition, be sure to verbally encourage people to subscribe to your channel. 

For example, try posting a video or ads with a video that recommends them to subscribe to your channel. By doing so, I think it is more likely to attract more viewers or subscribers. People usually act when someone asks them to do it. It goes naturally.

4. Optimize keywords in the description of your video

All YouTubers aim to get more subscribers and viewing time should always be at the top of YouTube search results. Based on the study, one of the factors that can make a video rank in a YouTube search result is keywords. 

Therefore, perform the search for keywords related to the video clip even before creating the video. Once you have found them and created the video, make sure that the title and description of the video contain these keywords.

I hope this will help you fulfil the requirements for profiting from YouTube.


Once you know everything about the conditions for profiting from YouTube, you can now start your business with confidence. But don't forget to check out YouTube SEO so that you can rank higher in YouTube searches.

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