How much does AdSense Pay per 1000 Views And Clicks

How much does AdSense Pay per 1000 Views And Clicks

One of the most important questions faced by anyone with a blog is how to make money from it or generate income from it. The problem is that many of the strategies involved are delayed to get results like SEO,  the fastest solution or way for this person is to rely on SEO and Google AdSense.

The operation of this strategy is very simple, it allows the owners of websites and blogs, as well as YouTube channels, to rent space or space of their web pages to display advertising to companies and organizations, in exchange for income or generate profits for it.

If you are not familiar with Google AdSense and how it helps you generate profits and income by relying on the web pages you have online, Continue reading this text.

What is the Google AdSense program?

Google AdSense is a program that can be used for free advertising, created by Google, and allows anyone to view ads funded through their website, through a blog, YouTube channel or any application on Android, and in return, that person receives a commission or income.

It is as if you are renting a place from your site or blog so that Google can enter and display ads through your site. Every time a user sees or interacts with an ad, you earn some money.

When you enter a site and see that it displays ads inside it along with the text you are reading, or in the sidebar or side of the site, this is an example of using that site and hosting ads from other companies.

How Google AdSense works

Fortunately, the work of the program is very simple.

When an advertiser signs up for the program to show their ads, they have two possibilities: :

See funded links on the Google results page.

Sites, blogs, channels and applications that provide space for these ads.

When an advertiser decides to show their ads on the Display Network, the ad enters the tool's wallet or purse and Google evaluates the blogs and sites where that ad will be shown.

How Google chooses the site where the ad will be displayed

Contrary to what many people think, online ads cannot be considered ads that are made randomly instead of in a group.

On the contrary! Instead of randomly displaying ads within sites participating in Google Adsense, the tool tries to distribute them within the relevant pages or talk about the field of products and services being advertised.

This ensures a higher conversion rate in advertising since the audience that reaches this site or blog will be more interested in what is advertised within these ads.

As I pointed out in this important paragraph, it is never enough to register on Adsense to start making money or profits from your web pages, but this strategy must match the production of high-quality and quality content so that AdSense sends ads to your website or blog in a way that suits your audience.

How to register in Google AdSense

The registration process for Google AdSense is so simple that you can finish the registration by simply following these detailed steps:

1-Enter the registration page.

2-Choose the email account you want to register with.

3-Write the name of your blog or website and country of origin and accept the terms of use of the platform.

It is worth noting that to create an account on Google Adsense you must have a private domain or domain, whereas partners who are domains hosted on secondary domains such as Blogspot and WordPress do not accept, if you do not already have a special domain name, a private domain has been created.

4-before you are accepted to work in the program, Google needs to know if the content of your blog complies with the rules of the company.

Ads will begin to appear on your page after this verification process. From the moment you accept registration, you can show ads on any page of your blog, as long as that page complies with Google's policies.

5-the last stage is to add the bank account number that Google wants to receive the money it earns and that you generate from ads.

6. after completing the registration process, Google will send an envelope to your email address with a subscription confirmation code. This process may take a maximum of two weeks.

How to make money with Google AdSense

At the moment you may be wondering: how can I make money with Google AdSense.

There are currently two ways to make money with this program:

Cost per click: in this option, you are paid every time a visitor or user clicks on an ad on your website.

CPM: in this model, you get paid based on the number of visits visitors make to your blog or website on the page where the ad is located.

How to make a profit through Google AdSense

In the registration process, Google asks for your bank information, and through that account, you get your payments.

Some important information about collecting profits from :

Payment is made in dollars, by bank transfer, once a month, to members who have reached a balance of 100 or more by the 21st of each month.

The amount is converted into local currency.

Pay attention to the commissions that your bank charges for the transfer, if you consider them unfair, you can choose another platform that offers the same service at a lower price.

Types of advertising in AdSense

1. text advertising

Text ads, also known as ad links, are the simplest ads you can run on your blog. It usually consists of a clickable title or link to the advertiser's page one or two lines of text describing the product or service, along with a web address displayed in green.

2. Display ads

Display ads are those banners that can be displayed at the top, on the sides of the page, or even in the footer. There are more than 15 format options you can choose for your ads, such as horizontal, vertical, X-ray and square.

Don't forget to run display ads in the ads section or select a specific preference typical of the entire account.

3. Multimedia

These are interactive ads: for e, animated. And videos. They usually attract more attention when you ask for a visitor's action, but on the contrary, they can affect the visitor's experience when used unfairly.

4. Link advertising unit

Each link module displays a list of important topics, related to the content of the site. When users click on an item in the list, they are directed to a Google Ads page that talks about that topic. You are paid every time a visitor clicks on an ad on the page that appears.

How to place your ads in AdSense

Google AdSense partners can choose not only the type of ad they want to display but also the dimensions, size of the ad, image and text colour.

Upon completion of this process, the platform generates code (JavaScript) to place it where you want the ad to be displayed within the site. This privilege allows you to add content that only matches the preferences of your ideal customers.

For more information on this topic, you can read this guide on Google.

Google AdSense on YouTube

When your YouTube channel gains audience and popularity and attracts more traffic, it becomes useful to add it to AdSense to push through views. This is one of the main sources of money for digital influencers.

The first thing you need to do is check that your channel is in active mode to earn money. In the studio settings menu, click the Channel option, the fundraising option, and select the activation option.

Next, click on collect settings and you will have two options: create an AdSense account for your YouTube channel or add your channel to an existing account.

If you have a blog or page registered in the program, we recommend that you choose the second option, in order to "skip" the entire registration and analysis process again. Therefore, it is enough to click on the button" AdSense and YouTube link", then log in to Google AdSense normally and choose the option to accept the link.

When accepting your registration, you will see the address of the hosted account, on the main page of your Adsense account, it should be noted that in order to make money from your channel, you must have at least one video submitted to YouTube, and this content must be free of copyright, so you can make money from it.

It is not possible to sell videos recorded on television or a program filmed on camera, which is displayed without the permission or permission of artists, earning money on them, for example.

How much can I earn with AdSense

YouTube pays between 0 0.60 and.5.00 per thousand impressions (if you choose this method), and this amount varies depending on the domain you are working on or writing about. For example, let's give you an example closer to mind: for a video with 100 thousand views, you can charge $ 500. This amount may increase or decrease slightly depending on the daily exchange rate.

This means that you can generate higher amounts and profits than the fixed salary you can get, and with just one video. The good news is that this amount always increases if you get more traffic or gain more traffic on your blog, that is, whenever this content is published, there is always a chance that you will get a return. It's interesting, isn't it

To increase your earnings through Google Adsense you should use the right keywords to attract qualified visitors to your page and, of course, provide high-quality content so that these users interact with you.

Also, pay attention to the placement of ads on your page and try to place them in places that are clear to readers, and be careful not to negatively affect the visitor experience.

To find the best place to show your ads, there's no alternative but to experiment: place the ad at the top of the page for a month, then do the same test using ads at the side of the page or in the footer, compare the number of clicks obtained each time, until you reach the best place where you earned the most clicks.

Pros and cons of being an AdSense partner

As in any business model, being a partner in a business offers both benefits and disadvantages to the Entrepreneur.

The advantages of subscribing to Google AdSense

1-you have a lot of advertising options for you

Advertisers who use Google AdWords have two options to display their advertising campaigns: search networks or ads on the display network, on pages belonging to the tool Google AdSense. This means that there are thousands of companies that dispute the space you have on your site or channel.

2-there will be compatibility between the advertisement and the area of conversation in the blog or site

Google AdSense is different from other advertising programs, where it distributes ads based on the domain you are talking about on your blog or site. In this way, you protect yourself from the risk of showing an ad that is not important or useful to the reader.

3. diversity of advertising formats

AdSense offers many formats such as Sponsored Links, image ads, rich media., Motion Pictures. and videos. This variety of options gives you the freedom to choose the most important type of ad to display. Only you must specify the format and dimensions of the ad, and the Google AdSense tool selects for you the most suitable advertising widget in order to be displayed.

4-you decide which ads will be shown

Google AdSense does not display any content that is inappropriate to your audience without your permission. If Google chooses a company that doesn't fit your content or violates your principles, you can block that company from advertising on your page.

5. you have the opportunity to earn permanent revenue as long as you earn views

Every time an audience is interested in the ads displayed on your page or channel, you have a chance to make money.

If you operate on the thousand impressions principle, the returns are automatically presented to you every time someone enters the page/views the video. If you use the cost-per-click model, that click must qualify, meaning if someone clicks on the ad and closes the page right after that you won't get the money.

Disadvantages of subscribing to Google Adsense

1-your site should earn a lot of traffic

The amount you get from Google AdSense depends on many factors, but the decisive factor among them is the number and quality of network traffic or traffic you earn. This is for a simple reason: the more traffic there is, the more visitors you have to see your ad the higher your chances of earning clicks.

Blogs that are just starting to earn revenue may lag behind depending on this business model, as they currently have fewer visitors.

2-placed ads may adversely affect the user experience of your site

No one likes to enter a site to become the target of a large set of ads, without being asked.

Although Google Adsense has a limit on the number of ads displayed on the page, this can affect the visitor's experience, especially if they access the site using their mobile phone, for example.

3 - you may be late in getting the money due to you

Another downside to working on Google AdSense is that you can withdraw the amount you earned through ad clicks if you manage to exceed $ 100 in your balance by reaching Day 21 of each month.

This may frustrate you if you are looking for a source of income that has a quick and guaranteed return.

Is it still worthwhile to work through Google AdSense

The answer to this question is “is working through Google AdSense still worth it?""We meet him with another question:" Are you ready to work on your channel (blog or YouTube) depending on attracting enough traffic?" “.

If your answer is yes, Google AdSense is still worthwhile for you, even if the goal is just to generate additional revenue.

For this strategy to work, you need to take some precautions so as not to hurt the experience of ad owners and lose a lot of traffic due to the huge amount of ads displayed on your page.

Working as a Google AdSense partner never means you have to give up the content industry, but it is essential to be a reference for people in the modern field.

And to help you, even more, benefit From Google AdSense, we finally leave you our four Important Tips.

tips to help you benefit more from AdSense

1 - Choose very carefully the places where you want to show ads

The first advice we give you is to choose very carefully the place or space you want to provide from your blog or site to display ads.

This is because these details affect the revenue or revenue that you can earn from these ads since this program places the ads that pay more in the places or space closer to the top of the site or blog, which generates more clicks.

So if your goal is to generate more revenue through your site, allow ads to exploit strategic locations on your site or blog, using the upper parts of the page.

2-Choose the right formulas

Besides paying attention to the space or place you allocate to advertising, you should also pay attention to the advertising format, it is important to use the best format in order to make the most of the program AdSense.

Regular and popular formats are useful and can bring you good rates of clicks as they do not contain large or bulky text from ads as well as make it easier to read.

Try to pay close attention to this aspect before you host ads.

3-do does not neglect the issue of content creation

The Google AdSense program works based on contextual advertising, meaning that the ads on your site are displayed in a proportionate way and have to do with the content of the page. If there is no written content on your site or page, you will not get the opportunity to promote ads.

But it's never enough to just create content, you have to deliver quality and quality content! Google always seeks to display ads on sites and blogs that offer content that is important to users and visitors.

Try to take as much care as possible in this matter, and always write original, creative content that will help you shine among sites and blogs that talk about similar areas and topics.

We have an article that offers you 12 distinctive tips to help you write featured topics on the web, read it.

Always try when writing to choose topics, articles and angles that interest your audience, it never helps to write important positions if they are not of interest to visitors and users who read what you write and always follow you.

4-do does not click on ads on your site

Our last advice to you is the following, and although it is obvious, many people make mistakes and commit it, as they host ads and themselves click on these ads, thinking that it will make them earn more clicks and money.

However, this practice is dishonest, as well as can backfire on you, as Google algorithms can detect such actions and when you notice any attempts of fraud, they take the necessary measures, which may reach the limits of freezing your account onGoogle AdSense.


As you have seen, Google AdSense can benefit from your site or blog and earn profits and revenue based on the traffic you earn.

Now you can start experimenting with this, and if you don't have enough traffic on the site or blog, you should develop effective marketing strategies that will help you gain more traffic.

We have an article that offers you 15 ways to increase visitors to a blog or website, read it.

Share your opinion or questions with us via the comments area below the article as we speak to you.

All the best to you and goodbye in another post.

Peace be upon you!

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