How to become a professional SEO easy steps for beginners

How to become a professional SEO question that resonates in your mind now that you know the importance of SEO for any site. 

If you want to achieve first results in the ranking of search engines, in order to achieve better ranking on the target keywords and achieve more sales, and this increase the profit You need to become an SEO professional.

How to become a professional SEO easy steps for beginners

10 steps to becoming an SEO professional

How to become a professional SEO to become professional you have to follow several steps:

Step 1

It is important to understand the meaning of the word SEO, How search engines work before you start thinking about SEO, the first step you need to take is to know how search engines work. 

The following steps will help you understand how the search engine "Google" works.

Step 2

Get to know the basic search engine marketing concepts, before you start you should have a general idea of all the different disciplines that make up e-marketing.

Step 3

Understanding the true meaning of “SEO" and how to become a professional it's not just about keywords and links, it's much more. 

The main task of SEO is to give users a great experience and give them exactly what they want.

Your goal should be not only about getting more traffic through the search engine but also about converting those traffic into repeat visitors and customers. ” SEO " has a number of sub-components, the most important of which are:

  • Technical.
  • Browsing and indexing within the page.
  • Off-site page optimization.
  • Introduction to the site.
  • Content optimization.

Step 4

The fourth step of how to become a professional SEO choosing the right tutorial when you start learning SEO you will notice one thing and that is that there are a lot of SEO courses on the internet and there is a lot to learn but in the end, you will not be able to get to anything. 

If you decide to do it yourself without any help you may come across an endless list of things to read and try.

People who want to learn SEO quickly today follow a lot of resources, such as applying for relevant courses. 

Resources available to learn search engine optimization: “Google Digital Workshop” -has created a “Google” range of new courses covering everything you need to know about digital marketing. 

They do not go into the subtleties of “SEO”.

If you want to be familiar with internet marketing there is a great resource like “Moz SEO Course – Moz” is a company famous for its tools but has also created a course covering the basics of SEO. This course will be a good start for beginners

Step 5

Always be aware of the changes that occur where SEO is not a constant digital marketing channel. 

SEO rules and algorithms are always changing. "Google" alone makes more than 250 changes to its annual ranking algorithms. A good SEO expert needs to know about these changes and adjust your SEO campaigns accordingly.

Tools you can use:

"Seround Table"

All SEO experts should follow this site. 

This page, which has Daily News about everything in the SEO industry, is the most valuable and useful news site in our industry.

“Search Engine Land”

One of the oldest websites in the SEO industry.

“Google Blog”

The code of Google Custom Search set up a “Google “recently blog to share news about the products of “Google”. 

Sometimes they also share news about the search "Google”.

“Google Webmaster Blog”

The official Webmaster blog of Google. It can be tracked to receive news about recent changes in the search.

Step 6

You can not do “SEO “yourself. There are a lot of things to check and if you try to do everything manually, you will spend your precious time analyzing the numbers instead of working on tasks from which you can get better results here you should use an SEO tool, here are the tools you can use in order to become a professional SEO:

“Google Search Console”

Webmaster tools from "Google“are perhaps one of the most useful tools for SEO. It is free and can give you a lot of information about your website.

"Google Analytics” (free)

Another free tool from Google. You can use Google Analytics To Learn More About Your Traffic and how users guide your website also there are many reports to search and many measurements to analyze.


This is my favourite “SEM “tool. It's not free, but you can use it for” SEO”, and "PPC “campaigns, competitor analysis, keyword research and link building, social media monitoring and more.

It is frequently updated with new features and is one of the best investments you can make.


An alternative to "SEMRUSH” is, that it is used with a monthly subscription. It is one of the most professional tools in SEO.

It comes with a 7-day free trial so you can test it before buying.

Step 7

If you want to learn SEO, theoretical knowledge is not enough. To become a professional SEO that is, it is not learned without practice. 

When learning theoretical SEO information, there should be a to-do list that you can apply to your website and increase your ranking in search engines. 

SEO should not only remain theoretical but also necessary to implement.

Step 8

Show your SEO experience they say that one of the best ways to learn something is to try to explain it to other people. This also applies to SEO. 

When I started writing about SEO I learned a lot and my SEO skills improved somewhat.

My advice is to start an SEO blog or personal blog and share your SEO experiences with others.

Step 9

You must be patient to study SEO and see results, these are the first steps to learning how to become a professional SEO It depends on how long your website appears, how many SEO processes have been started before, website format, quality content, cookie and many other SEO factors.

If you want instant results, try "Google“and social media ads.

SEO is about building a sustainable long-term business, building a solid foundation that brings you Organic Traffic 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Keep track of your ranking and traffic and give it enough time before making other decisions.

Step 10

Follow well-known SEO experts on your way to becoming an SEO expert, you will face a number of challenges. 

There will be times when you feel frustrated, don't worry this is normal. If you read other people's stories, you will understand that none of them is as they are today because they are lucky. This is the result of hours of hard work and endless testing and reading about SEO.

The list below includes 5 SEO experts that you should definitely follow to get inspired and understand how SEO is implemented. 

They managed to create more than 5 million companies and did it because they knew how to use SEO correctly.

Read their stories and spend some time analyzing SEO practices. Sometimes you can see that they do things differently from “traditional” SEO and that they can rely on themselves and have the experience to try new things and experiment without the fear of failing in SEO.

“Neil Patel “

One of the most respected SEO experts in the industry. He not only reads his blog but also tries to analyze how his apps and content are used from SEO.

“Backlinko “

Specializing in communication, it is a great resource for case studies and techniques that you can use on the blog to get quick results.

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