How to earn from blogger and make 500$ a month without experience

The profit from blogging is one of the most popular areas of profit from the Internet, which makes large profits monthly and is considered a Blogger platform in the world, especially for easy handling, it is free and suitable for beginners .

In this article, I will share with you how to profit from blogger step by step, and I will share with you great ideas to get blogs to create excellent quality and exclusive blog without previous experience and teach you how to earn more than 500$ per month by adding Google AdSense ads or affiliate links.

earn from blogger and make 500$ a month without experience

How to create a blog:

  1. Access to the blogging platform Blogger
  2. Click on the word create a new blog
  3. Choose a title for your blog
  4. Choose a custom link
  5. Choose a suitable template
  6. Click Create blog

Creating a blog via the blogger platform is free and it is enough to have a Gmail account to request the creation of a free blog, of course, the domain will be free under a link to Blogspot, which inevitably forces you to buy a paid domain in order to be professional.

Do not worry about this, my friend, buying the domain will cost you only 99 cents through GoDaddy company when using the discount Coupon CJCRMN99U for the first year.

You will also need to choose a good template because a professional and fast blog template is the basis for ensuring that you make money and ensure that visitors do not leave.

Dealing with bloggers is easy and dividing it is simple and installing plugins is easy and does not need previous experience.

Writing articles for blogger

Writing articles is the most important step in making a profit from bloggers in 2022 because it is she who will bring us visitors and therefore profits.

If you really want to make money from your blog you must write exclusive articles and excellent quality so that followers and search engines trust you too, I always recommend that you want to lead the search engines to write articles exceeding 1000 words!

What is 1000 words difficult And you're not good at professional blogging Don't worry my friend! I didn't say in the title of the article that I will explain the profit strategy of bloggers without previous experience in the field of blogging!

The idea simply depends on the search for the finished domains and sites abandoned by their owners and entered within the web archive, then search for sites containing articles related to the same field of your blog and copy the best and then added To Your Blog via blogger.

I'll explain it in detail

First, you enter the site's expired domains and then look for finished domains related to the same as you want to write down.

The second step is to enter the site Web Archive, then copy the link to that domain and search the archive for the copy of the site in the archive you can get the articles.

Here's one piece of advice even be your work and your exclusive, after you copy the content of the article, go to smallseotools and use the tool Plagiarism Checker which will let you know if the content is unique.

How to profit from bloggers?

The question here is how to profit from bloggers?

Simply my friend there are many ways to profit from your blog, the most famous of which is profit from Google AdSense, where after you complete a good number of articles and improve your template and put the necessary pages such as privacy policy and contact Us page, you can apply to join the AdSense Partners program where and after your acceptance you will get advertising codes that you put in your site and earn money from them.

Is it possible to profit from blogger Without AdSense?

Of course, there are many ways to earn from your blog except Google AdSense such as profit from short links that is, to shorten all the external links mentioned in your site through one of the profitable sites and earn in exchange for skipping those links.

You can also earn from your blog via affiliate i.e. join one of the affiliate marketing companies such as Admitad or Amazon Affiliate or other honest companies and then put the links to buy those products in your blog, and every sale through your link will earn extra profits.


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