How to create a YouTube channel and earn money


There are a lot of sites that talk about how to earn from YouTube 2022 and today we will add a new article to this list, but I intend to provide an integrated, exclusive, reliable, and completely free guide for everyone who wants to earn from YouTube.

In order to be able to provide a comprehensive guide in the field of YouTube we must provide every basic information from which you can become a real successful and famous YouTuber, and able to make thousands of dollars in legitimate ways that comply with the rules and conditions of YouTube.

How to make money from YouTube in 2022

The most important points that I will address in the article How to earn from YouTube :

Before we start, I have to tell you that profit from YouTube requires time, effort and investment as well, in fact, the profits that can be earned from YouTube are worth your time, effort and investment.

And this guide in your hands, which I offer you free of charge will save you a lot of time and effort later and will avoid making a lot of mistakes, so you have to read it fully so you learn how to become a successful YouTuber in the shortest time.

Here are the most important points you will find:

  • The most important points that make YouTube an opportunity to make a profit online
  • Answer in detail all questions and inquiries to profit from YouTube
  • The most important steps that must be followed in order to profit from YouTube in the right way and without any manipulation may lead to the closure of the channel
  • The most important tips and points that will help you in your journey to profit from YouTube
  • What are the conditions of profit from YouTube with a simple, clear and easy explanation, and the way to achieve them?
  • Why YouTube is an opportunity to make money for everyone?

You may hear from a lot of YouTubers or those interested in making money from YouTube. It takes special skills or unique knowledge, but none of us has something that distinguishes us from others.

 You may not be the best student in the math lesson but you enjoy the sports lesson and you can be considered the most skilled in the area, so why not provide sports content and profit from your skills and hobbies.

 We will come back to talk about this at the beginning of the practical part of this comprehensive guide to creating a successful and sustainable YouTube channel if you ask yourself how I can make a profit from YouTube and before that we will expand to explain why people choose YouTube to make a profit instead of other methods such as profit from blogging or programming.

Video in general and YouTube, in particular, are an excellent way to communicate any idea in an easy, simple and impactful way to internet users.

Channels and videos in particular and YouTube, in general, represent an easy and excellent way to communicate ideas in a simple and very easy way. 

Like if you want to look for an explanation of a particular program or game you will find this on YouTube and the existing video will deliver you the idea in a faster and clearer way than reading on the sites

Internet users in most cases are lazy in reading what they are looking for. So everyone prefers to search YouTube to get answers to their questions and inquiries or to follow the latest news, for example, this is what YouTube videos provide and what you will do when you create your own channel on the YouTube platform to achieve profits

According to statistics about the YouTube platform, it has nearly 2 billion monthly users who use YouTube to watch videos or upload videos

The profit-sharing system that YouTube provides to us benefits a large number of people and you may be surprised if I tell you that there are more than 10 million video products or as it is recently called YouTubers. 

They make highly efficient and professional videos to cover all fields and humanitarian concerns and in return receive a financial profit

YouTube platform offers the opportunity for everyone with a passion and interest to turn your passion and interest into an opportunity to make a profit online, without any physical effort compared to many other businesses

Also, YouTube does not provide the opportunity for a certain category of content makers, but it allows the opportunity for all people such as photographers, video designers, actors, directors and others for example after you achieve certain profits will think about the development of the content you provide and buy a more advanced camera and after another period may decide to get the services of 

YouTube is a guaranteed platform and you know that if you make an effort and provide content that people are interested in and provides them with information or a certain pleasure you will get paid without any fears of non-payment or non-commitment from the YouTube platform

You may be a smart person, but you do not have a laptop or a computer from which you can learn programming, for example, so you can use your mobile to shoot good content and upload it to the YouTube platform and therefore it is a free platform and does not need any little costs to decide to start it compared to the rest of the fields. 

Based on all of the above, YouTube users have come to trust it as a search engine and use it not only for entertainment but to answer all their questions and solve all their problems.

After this theoretical explanation, we must move on to the practical section of our article for today how to profit from YouTube and cake steps and tools.

How to earn from YouTube | steps and tips to be a successful YouTuber?

To profit from YouTube you have to first study what I will give you well to avoid mistakes and problems that you will face later and until you have the whole idea about what you need to start earning from YouTube.

First: you need the idea of a YouTube channel, so you have to ask what content I will provide

This point is considered the most important and most dangerous point in the path of profit from YouTube, and if it is implemented intelligently and the right way, it shortens a lot of effort and wastes time in the future.

You have to choose an idea for your channel to be you are really adept by such as there are channels that offer recipes eating and cooking you will find the owners of these channels are really adept people in this field and have the whole idea of what they provide

So you have to think with a special skill that distinguishes you from others and in the field of what you are interested in Maybe one of your hobbies, for example, ask yourself (What do I care) you will find yourself interested in your life a lot of certain things try to write everything on paper and then think what is the most thing you can provide content about and constantly and then you will know that this is your field.

Also, you need to know whether or not this area should be searched on YouTube to find out the size of your future audience before you start.

To summarize it in steps with the order and degree of importance, I will create this table for you:

The first step (most important): write down your hobbies and ideas you are interested in

The second step (very important): know the size of the audience or the number of people interested in the idea you want to submit content about

Step three (important and perhaps medium): see channels that will probably compete with or have content close to your idea

The reason that the third step is not as important as the other steps is that many channels started from ideas that do not have similar before on YouTube and after people knew about it, the number of interested in this channel began to increase.

Second: you need some skills

Now you have an idea about a YouTube channel according to your interest and passion, which I found to have a large segment of the audience that is already interested in it, you now have to figure out what skills you need to start implementing the idea.

Although working as a YouTube content publisher is a very easy thing, and you can start with the least possibilities, there are some important skills that you have to possess in case you want to create a successful and fast-growing YouTube channel.

Here I put you a list of the most important skills required in the field of YouTube, but this does not mean that you need all of them to start your channel and profit from it, but there are some skills you need according to the nature of your channel and the type of content you want to provide.

I also like to explain to you that most successful and profitable YouTube channels are not based on one person but have behind them a whole team working together in different specialities and everyone has a role within the team and has a preference in something, so you as a channel owner do not have to have all the skills:

1-the skill of speaking, diction, representation, explanation and comment

You have to have the skill to match the nature of the content you intend to present in your channel and to clarify let me continue with our example of eating and cooking... 

You have to have good skills in communicating information, describing recipes and how to work, and the ability to explain and simplify difficult concepts or focus on the most important points that must be a highly focused viewer. 

In order to get his attention and decide to follow your channel and thus make a profit from YouTube.

2-photography skill

Video quality is a very important element for the success of the channel and for spectators on YouTube in order to gain more views, and then achieve more profits, and of course, the quality of the video depends largely on the photography skills of the photographer. 

So you have to bring a good camera and know how to use it to produce high-quality videos.

3-the skill of editing, directing and editing videos

Now you have brought a good camera and learned how to shoot high-quality video, but good photography without good output will not achieve perhaps the results you want to get soon, so in order to complete the good shooting of videos, there must also be skills to produce this photography professionally, and this requires some effort in learning and gaining experience and you may find someone with this skill to cooperate in the creation of a common channel for example.

4-marketing skill

Everything that happens on the internet needs marketing efforts to succeed, and this also applies to the profit from YouTube as well.

So as a YouTube channel owner you have to have some knowledge and skills in the field of marketing your videos and your channel, whether through YouTube or through other social media or through a special site for your channel on YouTube and it will be good to have a Facebook page that has the same area or a nearby area or perhaps a group visit with a large number of members so that you can support your channel at first. And if you do not have a page on Facebook, learn with us how to create a successful professional Facebook page | comprehensive guide explains pictures

Third: a set of tools and equipment

Good skills require having the tools to implement them and turn them into concrete action. All the skills mentioned above need tools to work with.

Also, as a beginner in earning from YouTube, it is not necessary for you to have all the tools that will be mentioned below, the tools required in your case depend greatly on the nature of your channel and what you will offer of content and the possibilities that are available in your hands.

1. photographic equipment

It is some special equipment that you buy if you do not have such as the camera and its holder, also lighting has a big factor in the quality of the video so you have to buy an external camera light lamp.

2 - programs and applications to create and edit videos such as motion graphic programs

Programs and applications to create and edit videos are the ones you will work on, which is also a major factor for your channel, the quality and content of the video and montage are the most important factors of video success and are the reasons why viewers are attached to your channel.

Fourth: work schedule

The work schedule is also one of the most important reasons for the success of YouTube channels, which is essential in the field of making a profit from YouTube as each work date and schedule be a successful work. The work schedule entails some steps that facilitate your journey in profit from YouTube and coordinates your content also to not get confusion or overlap.

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