What are business advertisements?

What are business advertisements

Advertising is a message driven by a company and disseminated via Collective support for the target audience and commercial advertising is an Example of ads that are shown privately on streaming media
Like television and radio, the longer the choice of the appropriate medium for convincing
Essential to the success of advertising.

Basics of advertising

There are three common criteria used to define a corporate message as a statement, It needs to be paid for and disseminated by the media and try to convince the audience in a certain way, advertisers usually have in-house advertising services.

Or external agencies working to develop a creative strategy for advertising Designed and produced for distribution, advertising usually combines elements of Visual images and oral or written copy that attempt to form Collectively increase the awareness of the company, improve the brand image or change, Customer attitudes influence purchasing behaviour.

Definition of commercial advertising

Advertising is usually designed to increase consumer awareness in some cases, people, places or products are declared as a public service, such as a campaign to educate people about the dangers of smoking or abusing alcohol, in other cases, the purpose of advertising is to earn Interest and trust of consumers, advertisers seek to increase the interest by purchasing a product, visiting a place or using a particular service, advertising commercial, in general, is the use of advertising to generate income.
Or need.

An important aspect of commercial advertising is that it creates perceived of something, once the consumer has a reason to desire it, The statement exists to provide a solution to this need, the statements give answers to consumer questions, including where to eat, or where to go, or what to buy, effective advertising creates desire while offering an attractive solution.

Advertising media

The media channels available for broadcasting advertising are almost unlimited to traditional media including radio and television, as well as the Internet has also been a major media outlet since the end of the twentieth century in recent years, companies have developed digital and interactive media spaces using mobile technology, mobile-like mobile phones as delivery mechanisms, the panels are advertising, public transit, bus seats, antenna and guides are common examples supporting media are used to place advertisements that reinforce messages company. 

Interactive direct marketing methods such as direct mail E-mail is also common and companies are analyzing the media to determine if a high percentage of the audience or readers matches the target market, high investment efficiency is important for advertisers.

Commercial advertising policies

Along with traditional radio and television, commercial advertising has become audio and video on the internet and mobile phone are more common at the beginning of the twenty-first century, what distinguishes commercial advertising from other statements is the dynamic nature of the message, containing print ads and billboards on static messages that don't move depending on the set of visual elements and transcription to tell a story, they run ads on TV and radio for 15-60 seconds it provides a dynamic message that the listener or viewer should follow understand and absorb.

Commercial advertising and its impact on the consumer

The impact on the consumer is such that main advertising plays a role less price-sensitive in the same vein, a trading statement is a source ideal for introducing the product to consumers, however, the ad seems photographer and majestic advertising is less important to create a learning process on the product, in other words, has a more positive effect on the behaviour of purchase with the consumer if the ad includes multimedia content.
Added to this is the fact that it has been discovered that the more advertising the more interactive the consumer's attention, and the greater its influence on the decision consumer.

How to design a successful ad

  1. Decide on the purpose of the ad
  2. Use a strong title
  3. Make a strong offer
  4. Talk about the benefits
  5. Get rid of consumer concerns
  6. Make a call to action
  7. Make the announcement quickly
  8. Use notarized product certificates
  9. Use exciting graphics
  10. Give full contact information

 Types of commercial advertising

Social media advertising

Counting advertising on social media and you can be selective because the cost is reasonable for your target audience, for example, if you own a store for retail, you can use ad targeting options to restrict the audience so that social advertising is displayed only for people of a certain demographic category, there are some different social media platforms for you to choose from Facebook Instagram, among them for social advertising, including Facebook and Instagram Twitter.

Mobile advertising

Mobile advertising is a type of e-marketing Ads are displayed only on mobile devices, including Smartphones and tablets may include advertising by mobile phone:
Mobile display advertising
Mobile search ads
Portable video clips
Mobile app advertising, which aims to increase app downloads
Social media ads are displayed only on mobile devices
Having a mobile advertising strategy can pay off
Eighty-four per cent of commercial shoppers are likely to shop
adult customers under the age of 30 online.

Printed advertising

Print advertising was the main method of advertising for companies before the advent of e-marketing, advertising revenue is now decreasing Print because the cost is much higher than the cost of advertising
Digital and social, and it is also difficult to measure the success of campaigns because it is almost impossible to prove the number of Print advertisements, considering people who saw the print ad and went on to buy the product.
But for some local businesses or companies that target the printed statement may retain an older audience and have fewer digital interactions Print advertising includes advertising Newspapers, domain ads and ads in brochures and booklets.

Broadcast announcements

Broadcast advertising includes mass media such as television and radio, while broadcasting advertising, especially television advertising ، can be expensive for small businesses, if you have local TV and radio stations near you, the cost may be reasonable and the audience may be relevant to your local business.
 The cost of broadcast advertising depends on a number of factors, including the length of commercials and the cost of longer commercials on TV and radio they cost more to stream, the frequency at which it is played and the time at which it is broadcast there, and you will also need to calculate the cost of producing advertising,  the production of a professional TV commercial can be very expensive View.

External advertising

The external statement refers to any statement that reaches people when being outside their home, including billboards digital signage and transit advertising such as bus and train advertising subway station ads, etc., street furniture ads, Advertising in gyms, and advertising can be outside the home It's very expensive, so make sure it fits your advertising budget.

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