What are the effects of technology on society

 There is no doubt that technology has negative effects just as it has positive effects and we will mention of them in this article the negative and positive effects of technology, whether on the individual or on society and the most important tips to avoid the negative effects caused by technology.

What are the effects of technology on society

Negative effects of technology on society

The great technological development that has become an entity and a great uproar in our society and the present time and the introduction of technology in many things in our daily lives have many and many negative effects, whether on the individual or on society, including the following :

The impact on children significantly, where children use less basic skills in life to educate them and develop their growth such as reading skill and writing skill and exercise, whether exercises or playing ball of all kinds or tourism or playing karate or other different sports that develop their skills and abilities and assimilation, became most of their time spent on the phone or computer to play or surf the internet, whether on YouTube or various social networking sites.

Technology wastes time dramatically, it steals time when we watch videos and games that hold a person for hours and hours without getting bored.

Technology has become something we have become addicted to and cannot do without.

The use of technology leads to a lot of negative impacts on health because we spend time on it for hours, so it affects sleep, headaches, stress, dry eyes, impact on the neck, low level of memory and memorization, emotional instability, especially in adolescents because they are more likely to be affected by messages and videos that circulate on the internet.

A person feels isolated from the world because most of the time he is busy with technological devices and therefore he is cut off from the world.

The frequent use of technology affects the muscles, the joints, the nerves and the heart muscle and causes severe stress.

Technology also affects relationships because it reduces traffic and some people simply connect through social media instead of traffic.

Technology also affects children's intelligence and mental development because they do not acquire the skills and activities that they must practice in life in order to learn.

Positive effects of technology on society

Although there are many disadvantages to technology on society, it also has significant positive effects on society, including the following :

  1. Ease and ease of use of technology in education, which allowed easy access to information through the internet.
  2. Education using technology has become better and more enjoyable for students to love technology and get used to it.
  3. Technology has become so important in the field of Health and health care that we cannot do without it.
  4. Technology also helps to help you maintain physical fitness and maintain some activities by having smart applications that are special to record distances travelled when walking, cycling or running.
  5. Technology has also become important in able to separate conjoined twins through the use of modern technology.
  6. Use technology to communicate with friends and family when you are away through various social networking sites.
  7. Use technology for entertainment in your free time.
  8. Learning and acquiring different skills such as cooking or teaching different skills such as drawing and handicrafts.
  9. Help students explain some of the educational curricula that stand in front of them.

Tips to avoid the negative effects of technology in society

When using technology, privacy and security steps must be followed in different social media accounts to avoid the theft of information, data, photos and videos.

When buying online we must make sure the stores we buy from are genuine and not fake.

We do not use Wi-Fi in public areas to preserve information.

You should back up the files on your computer or phone to reuse them when you need them because the phone is lost or damaged.

Some research tricks should be taught to save time.

You must use a strong password for each device and each of the different accounts on the internet.

You should know all the tricks and also the myths that hackers and fraudsters follow.

Make private data and information confidential and only known to you.

So it is very important not to waste time on the internet and must develop skills, especially when children discover their talents and be special such as drawing, cooking, singing, sewing or other many talents that occupy our time instead of lost in using the phone in the internet or play and must go out of the house and visit parents and relatives face to face instead of communicating with them through social networking sites, visits are completely different from the visit of friends and family.

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