What is Xamarin, app development tool, How, and Where is it Used

What is Xamarin, an app development tool, How, and Where is it Used

What is Xamarin, app development tool, How, and Where is it Used


Concept-question: What is Xamarin‏?

Answer: Xamarin is a programming technique on several operating systems in one programming language, available in C sharp C# and Xamarin software company owned by Microsoft.

Xamarin is a work environment of Microsoft and helps you to create an application on different systems in a language C# without having to bother learning different languages for different systems, and provides you with the full tools and mechanisms you need in creating a professional application.

It is worth mentioning that the application is an application Native it is meant that the application arises as a real application like you have programmed it in the same native language to program the application without using external emulators or others, not like the rest of the available options, which is the most famous PhoneGap which makes you prepare an application With HTML5, which is one of the biggest drawbacks that you will not be able to access all the resources of the device, which restricts you a lot in some things.

It has emerged the need for Xamarin because of the nature of a mobile application and its work on different operating systems back to various companies, most notably iOS for Apple, Android and Google.

What is Xamarin app development?

User experience

In terms of user experience, these systems are similar in terms of providing graphical interfaces to the user and interacting with the device through touch or multitouch, but there are differences in details.

Each operating system has different ways of navigating between application pages, presenting data, working with menus, and other details that require the developer to go a different way for each operating system.

Different development environments and programming languages

As for programming languages and development environments, this is another matter. Each operating system has its own requirements, which I quickly summarize as follows:

To create applications on systems iOS you need to master the programming language Objective-C or the programming language Swift. And to have a computer MacBook (any version) with the development environment Xcode.

To create apps for Android you'll need the Java language Java with the development environment Android Studio works on many operating systems.

Either create apps that work on Windows Phone or Windows 10 Mobile then you need the programming language C# with a computer running Windows, and the development environment Visual Studio.

Different software interfaces

All previous operating systems are based on different software application interfaces. However, there is some similarity in the user interface. related objects from. 

For example, all previous systems provide a way for the user to choose the case of Boolean which can be represented as True or False in iOS makes this object is the view named UISwitch, but in Android, it is the widget name Switch, and in Windows it controls is called a toggle switch.

What programming language does Xamarin use?

The solution Xamarin you provide

All of the above points can be bypassed by Xamarin because it provides a single programming language, which is C# sharp, that can be used to write applications on any operating system.

They also provide an environment to develop advanced and lonely, which is Visual Studio 2015 to write these apps (you can use the development environment Xamarin Studio also for Mac). In addition, it unified the various software interfaces API into a single software interface that the developer deals with.

The language of C# is rich in definition. It is a powerful, flexible, very rich and constantly developing language. 

It has rightfully become one of the most advanced and modern programming languages. We are not here to prefer one programming language over another, but in my personal experience, and with knowledge of many other programming languages, you can say that C# Sharp is in a position of prestige among them.

For a specific application, developers can write a single code common to all previous operating systems without any significant modifications to the business logic of the application and its software operations that are not related to the type of mobile device or the operating system on which it runs.

We call this code platform-independent. If the application is required to deal with the hardware of the device on which it is running (such as a camera or a sensor GPS for example), then it can write parts of the code that are specific to each operating system, which we call such code the code associated with the platform-dependent.

Is Xamarin good for app development?

The main components of the Xamarin

Since its inception, the company has focused on the technology of translators and Compilers. The company has released three basic sets of .net libraries they are: 

Xamarin. Mac and Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android which together forms a platform Xamarin. These libraries allow developers to write native applications and native apps for both approved operating systems.

We mentioned earlier that there is a part of the application code that is usually repeated for each operating system, this part can be isolated and placed within a separate project in the Visual Studio program. This project has two types:

Joint assets Shared Asset Project or for short SAP. It is a set of files and the code in addition to the files and assets like images and others existing within the project which can be shared with the rest of the other projects within the same solution Solution in Visual Studio.

Library items portable Portable Class Library or a test of the PCL. It includes the code that we want to share as part of the library dynamic link library, or DLL. 

In this series, we will focus on this genre.

The difference Between Xamarin and Android Studio

Xamarin is a platform to develop mobile applications on multiple platforms using a single language the language of C# it enables you also to develop iOS apps – windows – Mac using the same language in addition of course to the Android apps – when technology provides the ability to cleansing once and then publishing the most of the platform, we would say that this technology supports Cross-Platform Development or process development on multiple platforms.

While the android studio platform allows you to develop applications for Android only, it is supported by Google and offers multiple technologies supported by the giant company continuously.

The way it works Xamarin

For the development of iOS translator C# with Xamarin to translate the source code into a language that Microsoft middleware of MSIL, and then use the interpreter of the Apple on the Mac to generate rum original native code works on iOS as if that application is written in Objective-C completely.

As for the Android applications, the compiler will also generate an MSIL language which in this case will work on a shared implementation environment dedicated to working on Android. 

The resulting applications, in this case, will also be very similar to those created using the Java language and the Android development environment.

Finally, for applications that run on Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile, Applications are backed clearly and will work as the application of the original property by using Visual Studio without the use of Xamarin.

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