Marvel unveils the "Multiverse Saga", with the Fantastic Four and two new Avengers films!

 Marvel unveils the "Multiverse Saga"

On the occasion of the San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel has multiplied the announcements. Above all, the studio has specified the continuity of its various phases by even pushing up to phase 6!

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is currently in phase 4, which began with Black Widow and inaugurated the first series of the MCU on Disney+

This phase, which has laid the foundations for the multiverse, will end with Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, scheduled for French theatres this November 9th. Kevin Feige, the great "architect" of this universe, unveiled the new timeline during the San Diego Comic-Con.

Welcome to Phase 5 (and 6)
Then, fans will enter phase 5 - dubbed "The Multiverse Saga" - with Ant-Man & The Wasp: Quantumania, in theatres on February 15, 2023

The Secret Invasion series (spring 2023) will be inserted between the adventures of Ant-Man and volume 3 of Guardians of the Galaxy, scheduled for May 3 at the cinema.

The movie The Marvels, which will see Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) join forces with Ms Marvel (Iman Vellani) and Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris), is expected on July 26th. Two Disney+ series, currently in production, are supposed to be broadcast this summer too: Echo and the second season of Loki.

In the fall, still on Disney+, it will be the turn of Ironheart, then Agatha: Coven of Chaos which will be available next winter. Back to the cinema in November with Blade. 

Then in May 2024, Captain America: New World Order with Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) in the title role. In the spring, Disney+ will offer a brand new season of Daredevil with the return of Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock, and Vincent D'Onofrio as the Kingpin!

Finally, Thunderbolts, the renegade team formed by Valentina Allegra de Fontaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), will arrive in theatres in July 2024. 

Marvel has not only unveiled Phase 5: Phase 6 has also been described, at least in its beginnings and there is something to be excited about.

The first film of this new phase will be nothing other than The Fantastic Four, scheduled for American theatres on November 28, 2024. 

Then, two Avengers films will follow: 
The Kang Dynasty (May 2025) and Secret Wars (November 2025) will close the multiverse saga! Apart from the titles and the visuals, that's all we know at the moment but already, just the titles unveiled are raising the temperature…

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