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 Free psychic reading online: free psychics sites for the best chat and phone readings

If you want to get a legitimate psychic reading online, you may find it difficult to choose the right one for you. 

Although it is true that there are many online psychic reading sites that enhance your selection pool; however, what is intimidating is the fact that some of them are scam sites that extort people out of their hard-earned money.

Even some of the ones that are genuine do not offer real value for your investment. That's why it's important to take your time to research the site of your choice before committing your money and exposing sensitive information.

The best psychological sites help people in distress. They provide various types of reading services to help people discover problems in their love life, career, future life and any other area of their life where they may face one challenge or another.

In this article, we will review six of the best psychic reading sites whose services you can trust. Do not hesitate to read our review of each of them, we are sure that you will find a very good one.

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  1. The 6 Best Free Psychic Reading Sites
  2. Mystixens - the best for a variety of services
  3. Kasamba - the best for relationship and love
  4. Purple Garden - the best application
  5. Ken - the best for energy and spiritual readings
  6. Asnaw-ideal for business and financial matters
  7. Oranum - the best interactive platform for video readings

1. Mystixens - the best for a variety of services

The first in any particular order is the mystical feeling. This platform is legendary for having almost every psychologist you can think of. 

They offer users different types of readings and their site has several categories to choose from. There are even pet psychics and clairvoyants on mystixens.

If you prefer a platform to explore your dreams, sex, family, career and friendships, Kasamba is a good place to start. 

You can filter the search for a very good psychic to give you an accurate reading. 

When it comes to this psychic reading, mystixens is known for having some of the best fortune tellers in the industry, which best explains why they are highly rated.

Psychics explore different ways to communicate with you from a new perspective.


5 minutes of free reading

Talented tarot card readers

Updated articles

Active social media handles


No horoscope reading

There is no mobile application

Verdict: mystixense is a good platform that you should try if you are testing the waters and want to learn more about the different psychic readings so that you can determine which ones appeal to you the most. 

It is easy to find the right one using the site navigation keys, you can explore different connection methods.

2. Kasamba – Best Love Psychics

Kasamba is one of the most popular psychic reading sites on the Internet today, and for good reason. 

For more than 20 years, this platform has been meeting the needs of people looking for answers to life's questions. No matter what challenge you are facing, you can find directions in Kasamba to help you weather the storms of life.

There are talented mediators on this platform whose skills and experience you can use to progress in your life. 

People looking for love or facing a situation in their relationships come to Kasamba for answers, and they have talented experts to help them navigate the troubled waters of their relationships. 

There are psychological counsellors for all types of relationships.

Kasamba also has experts in aura and rune readings, crystal observation, tarot cards, palmistry and any other reading you can think of. What's more?

You can navigate from one page or service to another using the navigation keys. You can also do quick searches for brokers on the platform. 

There is a free 3-minute psychic reading for new users, and Kasamba will offer refunds of up to $50 if you are not satisfied with the service you receive for your first reading.


Satisfaction Guarantee

3 free minutes for new users

Very good for love and relationships

Experienced brokers


Email reads are slow.

Verdict: Casamba is a very popular platform with more than 3 million users, and the number continues to grow. 

If you are struggling with heartache or looking for love, this is what we recommend because they have empathetic psychologists who have mastered the art of emotional healing and trend detection. 

The best site for a free psychic love reading.

3. Purple garden – Best app

Purple Garden may not be the oldest platform on our list, but it has come a long way due to the exceptional value of its services. 

In a very short time, they gathered a loyal audience on the internet due to the quality of their readings.

Their tarot card service is the most popular of the lot, but they also offer dream analysis, Astrology, Oracle reading and Psychic Love readings as well. 

Their interactive tools and active filtering are also very helpful in helping users find a psychic to connect with. In addition, all brokers on their platform are legally certified with years of proven experience.

There are real-time consultants who can help you determine the most suitable psychic to deal with your case, so you do not have to make a choice based solely on guesswork or instincts. 

Even as a first-time user, you can get free real-time readings to give you a first-hand assessment of the quality of their services.

What's even better is that purple garden helps you make the right choices by making you understand what kind of service you really need before you start your search. You may find the service complicated at first, but the algorithm will help you.


Generous and transparent

Easy-to-use tools

A variety of reading

Video readings available

Advisory services


Limited items

A little intimidating

Verdict: Purple Garden is the jack of all trades and the master of most of them because it offers only the best kind of readings in various fields. 

The only downside is that new users may find it intimidating because of the hundreds of profiles on the platform. However, trained advisors and navigation keys can help you get the most out of resources. This platform is safe and easy to use.

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