5 Best Cloud Hosting For Wordpress For Digital Media Marketing Companies

 Past the world of entry-level hosting, this is where you can find the next step-the level of the best cloud hosting providers (WordPress). But how do navigate in these waters?

Also, is it worth knowing what cloud hosting is? Is cloud hosting the best for WordPress by all means? Well, it's definitely different…

This article will guide you to making the right decision. We take a look at the best cloud hosting providers on the market today and evaluate them on different criteria according to your needs.

5 Best Cloud Hosting For Wordpress For Digital Media Marketing Companies

Introduction to cloud hosting

Let's start from the beginning:

The simplest form of traditional web hosting is shared hosting. In this hosting model, one server hosts websites for several clients. 

It is also often the model under which the best WordPress hosting companies operate.

The next form of hosting is VPS hosting. It is similar to shared hosting where a number of websites are hosted on the same server. 

However, the allocation of allocated resources ensures that the sites do not interfere with each other to some extent.

Dedicated hosting is the type of hosting where only one site is hosted on the server. 

This gives you full control over the host's resources, thus making your website independent of the performance of others.

Cloud hosting is part of all of the above…

In theory, a virtual machine on the cloud cannot be compared to traditional types of web hosting. The public cloud hosting provider hosts websites on its own premises, part of which anyone can buy. The data centre hosting the cloud can be shared with other customers. 

The private cloud, on the other hand, is hosted exclusively for a client in a remote location. 

The virtual private cloud is an extension of the customer's capabilities to cope with high instantaneous loads. They can be hosted at the customer's place.

On a side note; another type of hosting is specialized hosting, where the hosting provider allows you to host a specific type of website or web application. 

Common examples of specialized hosting are WordPress hosting, node.Js hosting, or, even more specialized, WooCommerce hosting.

Best Cloud Hosting Providers for WordPress: InMotion Hosting

InMotion cloud enterprise hosting solutions

InMotion Hosting offers a wide range of hosting options – shared, VPS, dedicated, WordPress and cloud hosting. 

InMotion cloud hosting starts at $ 17.99 per month, with 4 GB of RAM, 75 GB of storage and 4 TB of bandwidth. And you have the option to upgrade to a more powerful configuration with 8 GB of RAM, 260 GB of storage and 8 TB of bandwidth.

Although there is no free tier, InMotion's 90-day money-back guarantee should put you at ease with its services. If you move from another hosting provider, there is a free transfer.

Some additional features that you also get our free domain registration, free SSL, unlimited email accounts, 24/7 support and 3 custom IP addresses. In conclusion, if you choose this hosting provider, the additional costs associated with the operation of a website are minimized.

Best Cloud Hosting Providers for WordPress: Amazon EC2

Amazon EC2  aws.amazon

Amazon Web Services provides a variety of solutions for cloud computing. In fact, there are so many things in Amazon's portfolio that making a decision often causes headaches.

However, for the most part, the OSEC 2 account can be treated as a "hosting partition."And from there, their entry-level offer is a small example, which is actually free for 12 months (and then from $ 0.0104/hour). 

It can maintain about 1000 users per minute (without any restrictions on monthly visitors).

Although the free tier only gives you access to an instance with 1 GB of RAM, you have the option to expand the RAM to more than 144 GB and network speeds of 25 GB per second if necessary.

AWS provides you with a virtual server on the cloud with SSH access, allowing you to configure the server as you wish. 

However, this requires considerable technical knowledge and may not be easy to use for someone looking to host a simple website.

If you just want to host a "website" with an operating system, Amazon offers a practical guide on how to choose from its extensive offer of servers and cloud computing services. 

In some cases, you may find that using Amazon Lighthill will be more beneficial.

The biggest advantage of AWS is cost optimization thanks to dynamic pricing, which charges you in real time for the download. 

With all the customization, you can also get a custom IP address for your cloud, in case you connect your web application to an API or a web service. 

If you want to deploy a complex web application with a lot of dependencies, you should try AWS!



Kinsta is a WordPress hosting provider known for offering quality products. An important detail to know is that the entire configuration works on the Google Cloud platform. 

The entry-level plan is $30/month, and for this, you get 10 GB of storage, up to 25,000 times, and a 50 GB CDN transfer.

Kinsta offers a variety of features that you can take advantage of. 

There is a free migration from another provider. You can geolocate your data centre based on the location of your customers, in order to reduce loading times. You can also configure the CAD of your choice. 

Kinsta manages more than 1,400 availability checks on a daily basis. In addition, the staging area is at your disposal to test your website before putting it into production.

Best Cloud Hosting Providers for WordPress: Google Cloud Hosting

Google Cloud cloud.Google

Although for some time now, Google Cloud has been ideal for professional cloud storage, it is a fairly recent addition to our list of the best cloud hosting providers for WordPress sites. 

The Google Cloud platform supports your WordPress site with world-class infrastructure to update your workloads. 

GB offers strong competition to operating systems with features such as multi-layered security, AI analysis and more. All with a price 21% lower than AWS. 

Therefore, they also take into account the capacity of the instance and the location. You can use the GO calculator to find out the exact cost of your WordPress cloud hosting plan.

Managed cloud web hosting siteground


siteground is a hosting provider offering a wide range of hosting options – blog hosting on shared hosting, dedicated hosting, WordPress and WooCommerce. 

Cloud hosting plans start at $ 100 per month with 8 GB of RAM, 40 GB of storage and 5 TB of bandwidth. 

In addition, the site also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

In addition to offering stock plans, siteground also allows you to set up your own cloud, making it perfectly suited to your business needs. 

Basically, you specify the number of processor cores you need, the memory, the CD disk space, and siteground gives you the price that you will have to pay monthly.

siteground also provides free setup and transfer for your website. 

It has a control panel and SSH access, depending on what you might feel comfortable with. 

Cloudflare Canada is also provided free of charge with this basic plan. You can also get free SSL access, and custom IP addresses.

Cityground's overall performance was impressive in the 2019 WordPress Hosting survey.

In addition to its cloud solutions, if you are just starting out as a new webmaster, shared hosting may be your first choice to test the waters. 

Therefore, siteground offers the ideal option for beginners and experienced developers, which makes it one of the best WordPress cloud hosting providers today.

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