7 reliable WordPress hosting for agencies

 Optimal performance, uptime and support are three basic requirements and I have mentioned several requirements that must be provided by WordPress hosting, regardless of whether you are hosting your customers ' Site or your site.

As an agency, your responsibilities increase even more as you need to manage multiple customer sites, optimize site performance, set and control permissions wisely, and streamline your workflow smoothly.

Because of all the songs of this article's requirements, you need to choose reliable WordPress hosting. 

It will provide essential features that will help you simplify the management of multiple sites without compromising performance and security.

wordpress hosting for agencies

All these abilities will help you provide high-quality service to your customers, earn their trust, and grow your business further.

The reason is that this open source platform offers a simplified process of creating websites, and even beginners can manage it without the help of a developer. 

It also contains 50k + plugins for various purposes, including design, SEO, security, performance and much more.

Therefore, when you search for WordPress hosting services on the internet, you will get a lot of options, each of which offers exceptional features, tools and other possibilities. 

But, in the end, it becomes confusing about what suits you.

It leads you to the question – What is the best WordPress hosting for agencies

That is why I came up with this list article for some of the most reliable WordPress hosting from which agencies can reap maximum benefits.

So, let's check the WordPress hosting services that came up with this article to determine what is best for you.


The Partner Program agency by Kinsta allows agencies to easily create, launch and manage customer sites. It is specially designed for creative agencies and web agencies participating in the centre of the world in terms of WordPress hosting education for marketing manager websites.

Being a Kinsta partner, take advantage of the free hosting of your site on their Pro Plan and achieve the same security and performance as other Kinsta customer service along with a 5-Star Marketing Manager Support Team. 

Quickly add your logo using the white label Clear Cache plugin it provides for better branding and visibility.

Using their website Transfer Tool, website tagging, and website renaming, you can organize all the sites neatly or make a quick transfer of ownership in minutes.

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Dev devkinsta – a powerful and clear local development tool for agencies and developers. You can also get SSL support and a full hosting stack to launch your WordPress sites in a few clicks. - Google Cloud Platform -.


Kinsta agencies ' WordPress hosting plans start at 340 per month for 20 WordPress installations, 50 GB storage, 400 thousand visits, and free SSL and CDN.

Wp Motor China manufacturer

Speed up your business with WP Engine by WordPress hosting and create an incredible digital experience for your customers. 

It helps you to create good websites and get them up and running quickly with SEO, conversions and low bounce rates.

Engine WP Engine... In addition, it allows you to turn your ideas into reality using valuable tools and features such as Dev, SSH Gateway, Theater, SFTP, Git and Hum Ar environments.

Apart from that, they offer launch readiness ratings and technical setups so you can get started without confusion or hassle. In addition, WP Engine makes sure that web hosting is configured correctly by detecting threats in real-time, free SSL certificates by Let's Encrypt, CDN global, EverCache (their caching technology) and WordPress updates.

They have partnered with Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services to provide you with enterprise-class solutions, delivering fast, secure, scalable and highly available services. In addition, they take care of optimizing GCP and AWS for WordPress which saves you time.

WP Engine also has a partner program to support your organizational goals by offering advanced developer tools, key referrals, and co-marketing opportunities.


SiteGround is undoubtedly one of the best web hosting platforms, even for agencies recommended by WordPress itself. 

It allows you to develop, manage and run many websites seamlessly using its great tools and features.

Take advantage of their automated website setup wizard and create a new site in a matter of minutes using the hosting package. 

After that, you can manage everything with one easy-to-use control panel, quickly access the site tools for each website and options for deleting or suspending sites.

Once the Website is ready, you can quickly deliver it to your customers and transfer ownership with a few simple clicks. 

You can also recommend the best web hosting plan with additional services to your customers for the new site and help them with their next steps. In addition, you can choose to stay as a collaborator on the site.

In their Cloud and Go Geek plans, it is possible to register customers as users in your hosting account while giving them access to site tools. 

As a result, they will not see the SiteGround name or logo anywhere when accessing the site tools of their site. 

Speaking of site tools, they are intuitive and effective to allow complete control over every site you own or manage.

You can easily upload files to sites using the file manager, staging tool and FTP manager designed for WordPress. 

Make quick code updates, and faster development, and take better control of your environment with tools like WordPress staging, PHP version controls, WP-CLI, MySQL manager, Git integration, SSH, and more.

Enjoy free CDN and SSL, automatic updates, WordPress caching, IP blocking, and other useful tools to enhance site speed and security. 

You can also get WordPress Starter Plugin to create a professionally designed full-functional website with basic functions such as contact forms, portfolios or online stores.

SiteGround offers the migrant Plugin for free, so you can migrate as many sites as you want without changing configurations or encountering obstacles. 

In addition, use the SG Optimizer plugin that helps optimize your application and facilitate dynamic caching. 

You can also take advantage of the slow loading of images, minimizing HTML and CSS, and more to improve site performance.


Expand and succeed by building more high-quality websites that your customers love with Flywheel web hosting service. 

You can add more revenue streams and reorganize your team with a simplified dashboard and other valuable tools.

Managing WordPress hosting and collaborating with your colleagues and billing clients has become a cakewalk with Flywheel. 

You can also easily collaborate with stakeholders outside your agency, such as customers, independent developers, testers, etc., by adding them as collaborators with access to site management, database updates, and file editing.

Don't worry about sharing important information with them, as they will get separate individual logins that work with SFTP and the Flywheel dashboard. 

In addition, your team members within the organization can also create new websites, request invoices, and push changes to the production stage.

Get real-time activity logs to see who's doing what on your team and develop better strategies. Besides, you can speed up website creation by using plug-in templates and themes that you like to use. 

This way, you don't have to install everything one by one, which reduces the time for significant development.

Use their staging environment to easily perform website updates in a sandbox environment. It helps you to push changes directly to the production stage with one click. 

Flywheel's support team is also excellent, and you can also ask for help from their in-depth documentation.

Some of its great features are extremely fast load time without configuration, lots of worldwide data centre options, optimized WordPress servers, and CDN for extra speed. 

In addition, you can get security features such as free SSL certificates, daily nightly backups, quick access to SFTP, and free site cleaning to prevent hacks.

Try it flywheel today.


Deliver extraordinary website experiences to all your customers using performance-focused web hosting for agencies by Cloudways that helps you and your customers grow. 

They have been serving agencies for the past ten years and have hosted 600k + WordPress sites with 120k + active servers and 72 core NPS.

You can create workflows, and add members for effective collaboration and project management. Choose from the top five IaaS cloud providers such as Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, AWS, Linode and Vultr to start the site and choose any number of servers.

You can run many sites, from complex multi-level web applications to simple websites using WordPress, PHP, Magento or others. 

Their intuitive platform helps you quickly manage and deploy mission-critical sites with a single click.

Plus, you get advanced cache technologies pre-configured to deliver great site experiences.

Cloudways offers useful features that simplify your agency's operations. It involves setting up a one-click site for updates without interrupting production sites, and installing and managing unlimited sites on a dedicated cloud server.

You can make separate copies of your sites or clone the entire server in one click. 

Moreover, they offer optimized and scalable WordPress hosting with performance-enhancing features like advanced caches and CloudwaysCDN to support all WooCommerce stores and WordPress sites.

Cloudways offers free website migration services as well to protect you from migration hassles. Their prices start at $10 per month for 1 GB of RAM, one CPU, 1 TB of bandwidth and 25 GB of storage.


Provide your customers ' websites with a reliable, scalable and secure web hosting service by compressible. 

They provide Managed WordPress hosting for agencies with a full set of valuable tools, high-performance technologies and support.

Pressable is suitable for agencies of all sizes as it offers affordable and feature-rich packages, allowing agencies to earn more with less work while managing multiple locations. This easy-to-use platform also takes care of basic updates for WordPress so that you can spend more time creating sites and serving customers.

They help protect sites from brute force attacks, malware and other security threats. In addition, Pressable Jetpack provides security for free with automatic daily backups, plug-ins management and one-click security fixes.

The same compressible WordPress and WooCommerce builders were developed; therefore, they can provide optimal reliability and speed of the site. 

Moreover, their powerful network has global data centres along with a global CDN network to serve your customers no matter where they live.

You get a free site migration for any number of sites easily. And if you want to do it all yourself, you can use their automatic WordPress migrant plugin with simple clicks. 

Or you can also ask for their help with unlimited site migrations managed by white gloves for free.

Pressing it guarantees a 99.99% uptime excluding scheduled maintenance. In addition, they will Credit 5% of the monthly fee to your registered account for every 30 minutes of downtime and a maximum of 100% of the monthly fee if the server (s) are affected.

The price of Pressable starts at $ 31.50 per month with a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee.


Agencies all over the world can choose presidium to search for premium, affordable and Managed WordPress web hosting. 

They never let you worry about site downtime because they keep monitoring their servers all the time.

Continue to gain customer trust with optimal security features that protect your sites from cyber attacks. They also have a stable and advanced infrastructure to deal with sudden increases in traffic. 

In addition, the pressidium dashboard is beautiful and provides complete control over your sites, such as managing team permissions, database management, and more, without the need to have an IT degree.

Allow them to deal with backup configurations, and server settings, and troubleshoot hosting problems so that you can peacefully create websites and get them up and running quickly. 

They provide daily automated backups to increase data security, and you can also take snapshots of the site and roll them back if anything goes wrong.

Use the site's staging feature to create a replica of the site and make design changes without affecting the live site. After the design is finished, you can quickly deploy it. 

They also upgrade your WordPress, apply security patches, and check for weak plugins to provide better security.

Pressidium plans start at $ 42 per month for 3 sites, 30 thousand visits, unlimited bandwidth, and 10 GB of storage.


There are many options available if you are looking for a WordPress hosting service for agencies. And to choose the best for your needs, you need to find the right solution. 

It should help you offer high-performance websites to customers, facilitate your work with comprehensive site management, allow you to retain full control, and provide you with a good opportunity to earn money.

Hence, choose the one who can balance these aspects of WordPress hosting and still fall under your budget.

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