WordPress hosting the 9 best hosting companies to buy wordpress hosting

 Did you know that currently more than a third of websites work with WordPress software or script, which indicates the importance of WordPress software for that, this guide was written on WordPress hosting

buy wordpress hosting

Top 9 WordPress hosting companies to buy wordpress hosting

And an article was also written about what WordPress is, which you can review now.

Note that WordPress is a CMS content management system-Content Management System that can be used to create a blog, store, forum, or other uses through the use of certain templates and extensions.

What is WordPress hosting What are the requirements for WordPress script And what are their types What are the best WordPress hosting companies for WordPress

What is WordPress hosting?

Of course, in all abbreviations, WordPress hosting means hosting sites that are suitable for running the WordPress script program, or in a clearer sense, hosting on which a WordPress site can be created and built.

What are the requirements of WordPress?

According to the information received from WordPress.Org, the WordPress requirements or requirements that must be met in the hosting company's servers in order to host WordPress sites on them are:

PHP version 7.4 or higher.

MySQL version 5.7 or higher.

And also it is better that the hosting company provides at least the basic SSL (HTTPS) security certificate.

Did you know that WordPress can work on a server that supports older versions of PHP and MySQL, but the above are necessary for security? 

So much so that the very old versions are outdated (completely unsafe), it is not preferable to use the old ones for the WordPress site.

In this guide, we will mention hosting companies that meet these requirements and even more with many wonderful features that characterize each hosting.

What are the types of WordPress hosting?

In the world of web hosting, there are two types of WordPress hosting namely:

Shared WordPress hosting: it is (completely) shared hosting, which is what some people call WordPress hosting without mentioning an additional description of it. 

It may also be called regular WordPress hosting.

Managed WordPress hosting: a description (managed) must be mentioned in order to distinguish it from shared or regular WordPress hosting.

Here in this guide, we will mention the best hosting companies for WordPress with their two types. The differences or advantages of Managed WordPress hosting will be mentioned in the Managed WordPress hosting section.

Best WordPress hosting companies 2022

The following table shows the best WordPress hosting companies of the first type, which is shared or regular WordPress hosting for 2022 and 2021, and it also has very big discounts so that you, my friend, get the hosting that you like at the lowest possible price, knowing that the prices are monthly.

All the hosting companies listed in the table support the latest versions of PHP and MySQL in addition to many features characteristic of each hosting.

Hosting company list

Host Gator 






Fast comet 

Kimi cloud 

Animation hosting 

How to choose the best WordPress hosting company?

We mentioned earlier that all the hosting companies mentioned in the table support the latest versions of PHP and MySQL and provide an SSL certificate for free. To choose the best hosting for WordPress websites, consider the following points:

  1. Support for the latest PHP and MySQL versions
  2. Providing an SSL certificate
  3. Availability of automatic backups or not Daily or weekly?: (As per your need)
  4. The Cloudflare service provides Cloudflare, which reduces the bandwidth and speeds up your WordPress site, which reduces the pressure on your site
  5. The number of WordPress sites you want to create.
  6. Do you want automatic updating of the WordPress script
  7. The number of MySQL databases that can be created or hosted
  8. The development environment provides Website Staging from which you can see the modification you are making to your WordPress site before publishing it
  9. Do you need a WordPress WP-CLI interface to write commands
  10. Do you need to increase the speed of your site by locating a geographic location (Datacenter) close to where your visitors are
  11. Plus many more points can be added to those points, but I don't want to complicate it for you anymore. Just read the features of each hosting here below, note the price and choose the one that suits your need.

Details about the best WordPress hosting companies

Now, my friend, we will mention a short summary of each of the best WordPress hosting companies with the features found in WordPress hosting in each company, the general features of each company and the most significant possible discount for you and for visitors to the hosting consultant website.

Managed WordPress Hosting

We said earlier that there are two types of WordPress hosting the first of which is shared WordPress hosting which is completely shared hosting. The second type is managed WordPress hosting.

We usually resort to Managed WordPress hosting for hosting sites that are not small and not medium, but it is an excellent hosting for sites that are between medium and large, and even large sites that sometimes fit Managed WordPress hosting. 

Managed Hosting is characterized by a higher price than normal because it is managed and because it has more resources and more than the number of processor cores and RAM size.

What are the advantages of Managed WordPress hosting?

This title can also be called What is the difference between shared and Managed WordPress hosting

We mentioned earlier the best-shared WordPress hosting companies and mentioned the advantages of each of them, as for Managed WordPress hosting, features all the advantages of shared WordPress hosting in addition to other advantages, including: (not all of them are a requirement, depending on the company and depending on the price as well).

Provide many paid templates and plugins for free.

Save more resources and more volume, such as the number of processor cores and the size of RAM memory. This allows more visitors to your site and reduces the pressure on it at the same time.

Automatic daily backups that you can refer to whenever you want + on-demand backups.

Automatic updating of all templates, plugins and WordPress itself, which leads to increased security.

Provide protection for your WordPress site without interference from you.

Activate and manage the automatic cache and storage features instead of you with the best performance so that your WordPress site is as fast as possible. 

You will not activate and manage them as in shared WordPress hosting.

Manage the CDN content distribution feature from Cloudflare or others.

Specialized technical support in WordPress and not only when errors occur, as in shared WordPress hosting.

There are some similar features in both types of WordPress hosting but managed WordPress hosting differs from shared WordPress hosting in shared WordPress hosting you alone manage those features and services such as Cloudflare. On the other hand, it is activated and managed without the intervention of the manager.


Common questions and answers

Is shared WordPress hosting the same as regular shared hosting

Yes, shared or regular WordPress hosting is the same as Shared Hosting, which is suitable for hosting WordPress sites with ease.

Why did you find shared WordPress hosting?

We said that shared WordPress hosting is the same as shared hosting, but why did it exist Many beginners, when they see shared hosting displayed in the interface of the hosting company's website, think that it is not suitable for hosting WordPress sites, so many hosting companies offer shared WordPress hosting, which is the same shared hosting for beginners so that they know that it is suitable for hosting WordPress sites.

What is hosting and what are its types?

To find out what hosting is and what types of it in an accessible way, it is necessary to browse the hosting article

What is a Bandwidth

The hosting consultant has written a detailed article on the bandwidth that you can review.

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