Who we are at the beginning must be a brief description of the stages of entering the world of the internet, when I entered the world of the internet in 2005, the search engine Google was in its beginnings.

I was using my Windows 98, and it was then a qualitative transfer in the system, and we used the internet as a chat or forums and did not appear on the surface at the time social networks and there was nothing called Seo, and there were few forums on the net.

I continued to deal with the forums until 2012.

I did not know about the science of SEO, which evolved over the years with the technological development of Google and its search for quality in the topics to be presented to its users through search.

The terrible technological development in this field as well as the increase in the number of websites and blogs and the increase in the number of powerful search engines, has resulted in restrictions in the science of SEO different from its beginnings in 2002.

I read in this field and I was able to understand some, but not all, so as not to claim that I am an expert but I always say that I strive in the search for information.

It was the beginning in the explanations of learning SEO blogger because blogs blogger know I deal with them well and I did not delve into the wonderful WordPress blogs, I created this blog to explain the science of SEO blogger only.

In my blog, I explain all means blogger of explanations and templates and jealousy as well as SEO as a general science related to blogger and WordPress and succession.

I will also explain everything that I find useful for WordPress blogs from add-ons or templates after trying them and starting a review of them.

I will also talk about Google AdSense and ways to activate it with your site as well as profit from it.

Thank you for your interest and trust in my site and I hope you will like it.

If you have any questions please contact us at any time on the Contact Us page.